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Federal health agencies GreenLight a Corona virus vaccine, Californians may have to wait to get it until the state signs off on California Governor Gavin Newsom says they've been doing advanced vaccine distribution planning with the federal government. For months Now, our experience of mass vaccinations makes us unique partner for the CDC and the DEA based on the scale and scope of the vaccinations that occur on an annual basis. California's launching a safety working group, he says that will independently review any FDA approved vaccines. Of course, we don't take anyone's word for it. We will do our own independently reviewed process, saying the state will work with world class experts from epidemiologists and a number Of universities in California, including Stanford. Jessica Rosenthal, Fox News Speaker Nancy Pelosi, claiming some progress in talks toward another Corona virus stimulus package. Speaking for over an hour Monday with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Argentina has become the fifth country in the world to surpass one million reported Corona virus infections. Three Latin American countries expected to reach that mark in the weeks ahead in Nevada. There's a squatter who can no longer call the rafters above a supermarket his home, authorities say. 35 year old Matthew Hamar was staying in a small living space in those rafters and rally supermarket in Fernley, Nevada. He apparently was using a ladder to get into the store's rooftop. Then making his way into the rafters area. But after a week up there, his foot broke through the floor and was sticking out of the store ceiling. According to police store employees call the cops so camera into custody. Police say he was stealing from the stores Delhi as well to feed himself. John saw Fox News after a down day on Wall Street. Asian stock markets closing Tuesday. Mixed Dow futures are trading about 60.

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