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Are crimes and that is why Benedict Donald's in. Deep trouble but he's out, there, saying well as long as it wasn't, campaign funds but he's just urges making up his. Own law and, of course he believes that he can do that because he and, his ilk I l k of the best words. He and his ilk believe, they, are special and they believe that they, can live by any rules they won anything goes. But everybody else, all my God it's an outrage how dare you behave this way Right, this is how it is to. Standards they're special they're the American there the American I, don't know, what the word I, want? To say they're the American elitist party, there the, you know, the the white nationalists. Right they are the original Americans. Leaving aside you know the natives. They think they're special they think they're above us all. And that's where this comes from. Donald Trump is kind of. The expression of all, that, so he. Can't commit a crime he's. People can't commit crimes African Americans commit crimes Mexicans commit crimes, that's, how they view things and, so. If you need to, make up your own law hey make up your own law whatever it's. Not a problem just make up your own wall and and that's exactly. What, he's doing so we went through. What Michael Cohen could do in that first hour again free commercial free normangoldman? Dot com but Paul Manafort Paul Manafort. He's bucking. For a pardon and. It's obvious Blessings. All along the strategy.

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