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Death row I Beth Myers in the news radio one thousand Katie okay weather center where you get traffic and weather together mornings and afternoons working injury accidents northwest fifty of the grand also Brian north of sixty third road king total traffic all right cloudy tonight a low in the mid sixties and then tomorrow we have a thirty percent chance of rain and high only in the mid to upper sixties well some big changes coming for some death row inmates in Oklahoma housed at the Macalester penitentiary in response to a threat by the ACLU to take legal action the Tulsa world is reporting the department of corrections has agreed to move some qualifying death row inmates from the H. bunker where they're kept in solitary confinement in lock down to maximum security now it means the inmates will have access to natural light they'll have a view of the outdoors when they exercise that also be allowed direct contact with the visitors the conditions that will qualify inmates for the better treatment have not yet been released well did Cleveland county judge that bald men make a big math mistake when he ordered Johnson Johnson to pay five hundred seventy two million dollars to help the bait the opioid crisis in Oklahoma fierce Carey lucky Johnson and Johnson says yes the company says instead of being ordered to pay one hundred seven million dollars for neonatal withdrawal treatment the judge Bachman attended the amount to be one hundred seven thousand dollars the company is asking judge Bachman to make the correction it also once a three hundred fifty five million dollar credit for the amounts that co defendants Purdue pharma and teva pharmaceuticals agreed to pay a hearing is scheduled in two weeks for people have been killed in a crash involving a semi south of king Fisher it happened yesterday the highway patrol says the semi was parked on the shoulder of US highway eighty one when it was rear ended by an SUV the S. U. V. driver and two passengers died at the scene out third passenger died after being taken to a hospital and a fourth passenger is in critical condition the semi driver was.

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