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It had to sweat out a little too pod from from twenty feet or whatever. It was sore. Or if phil had like missed the green if he had not hit a just a perfect approach shot i. I don't think you know. I think it was easy to get caught up in the moment of all these people Charging just the whole but feel hit and really really really good approach on eighteen from. What wasn't a perfect lie And that's a shot. That people probably won't appreciate over time. It's a really good point because suddenly things were not so certain kept goes in perfect spot Fill even as recently as yesterday trying to finish out his his saturday round had a pretty easy approach into eighteen and fanned out and and left himself a really difficult up and down if you had done the same thing today. Oh my whole it would have been really intriguing. I don't know what the crowd would have done But instead you know he. He did what he's basically been doing all week. Which is hit the smart shot and basically taken iron and hit where he's looking. Yeah i think it was one of the best ball striking weeks of fills career and that was the kind of perfect capped on it. Just numbers like in terms of greens regulation. Whatever that are just aren't going to stack up when you compare it to his masters victories. But this is like this was fire-breathing kiawah island. No one else beat four. Under for the week phil was once at ten under because of his iron play. Here is number. One in strokes gained green just like working the ball. Both ways off the tee driver three wood to iron. Like everything like every clo- was it was truly masterful. T degreen game that this guy has not had outside of pebble beach and the wgc in mexico. He hasn't had that that control in most of a decade right and to do this at a major championship. Course you know. Look they're all golf courses But but to do it at such a tough demanding test where you really needed to Have precision not just in your aim but in your distance control a testament to phil's whole game at the thing that's weird about phil and was also weird in those other. You know semi recent victories or at least Contentions is that they just come out of nowhere. So you just have to trust that phil still has this ability to just turn it on and find it but you just. That's what i think. I'm still struggling with is the fact that you know. How are we supposed to see this coming. You can't don't have pets or for you. I the only way you could is if you're a knee jerk reaction type of person and you looked at his quail hollow first round in which he shot seven under on that thursday And you thought you know what that is a sign of things to come that. That was how phil played perfect golf on. You know what i guess. I guess this is technically a major championship. Course that's the only conceivable a scenario But that that we that week was you know he shot seven hundred in the first round and finish at seven over for the week so right it was impossible to see coming. You don't have to keep yourself up at night wondering why we didn't see it coming. We these guys talk about their form all the time like this. I feel really good. I've been playing golf. I haven't been scoring. It is one of the worst cliches. Not only on tour but in phil mickelson's book of cliches. He uses that all the time. He's been saying it like crazy you not you don't need to take the guy at his word And unfortunately yeah this week. I guess we had to just. It boggles the mind really. Yeah it does. It does. Because i think sometimes you want these majors to be Call nations good play to sense exactly. This one at least still makes sense. It's still satisfying right. It's an extremely satisfying win. As a bookend to fill his career and it makes sense in the sense that you fill is a winner and it makes sense that guys that are winning win and unfortunately guys like louis use season seem more doomed to these runner up finishes So it makes sense. In that way. It makes sense that phil pleaded. Yes one really. Good rounded quail hollow and clearly still has that extra gear that he can shift into But yeah i mean gosh. My prognosticating was was not particularly good this week except john. I think actually we get a little bit of credit for. I think we picked that the winning score almost exactly the league. So i just shot to us for that. I was off. I picked five under. But i do all right so i have a question for you. Is there any other golfer. Besides tighter woods that would have garnered the same fan reaction on eighteen today. No no chance no other golfer. There's just gives closest jack nicklaus. Maybe jack that would be a real underdog story at this point i would. I think i think it like everything. Everything adds up in his favor. The one of the most likeable American golfers of all time You know the guy who has thumbed up the crowd for decades now. He has an easy name and fun. Game and everything about him is well not everything. Many things about him are are quite likable. so yeah i you know. There's not another player. Who has a chance to cap. His career ling. Now like this. This is a a sliver of what. Tom watson almost did and yes. I think the the best answer would be another old dude who's had a great career working to cap it off. Yeah and i. Tom watson as ridiculous an incredible stories that would have been. I don't think he would have engendered. The same like love and passion. That phil what i mean. People love phil mickelson holy smokes. I always used to call him. Uncle phil because i love that name and uncle phil was a lovable uncle and fresh prince of bel air and phil. Mickelson is kind of the lovable gulf dad of of american golf. But what what i really like. You said earlier that he was the best golfer this week and not just because he shot the lowest total score re truly was the best golfer from thursday. To sunday it would. He was three over par on the on his front nine During his front on thursday afternoon and he rallied. I believe with a thirty one on the back on thursday. And i was like. Oh gosh. that's kind a weird. Like phil hasn't really done that at a major. He hasn't he's kind of he's leaked more than he's kind of. Put the throttle down and when it comes to agers and so when he started out three over like oh dang yeah fills definitely out of this one and then he did it on thursday afternoon and then he did on friday afternoon And then i was like holy cow. It's up to him you know. It's completely up to him to decide whether this goes one way or another. And all of a sudden he was at ten under on saturday with a five shot lead. And i think.

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