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NewsRadio nine fifty Good morning thank you for joining us I'm Roberta just. Say now Jordan these are the top stories at. Seven twenty one this is really something we're watching history. In Detroit today musical legends civil rights leaders a former president every day metro Detroiters gathering. For, Aretha, Franklin's funeral. At greater grace temple in Detroit this morning. Organizers insist this is going to be a very. Spiritual spirit filled service this is not a show and there's no question a lot, of people want to be part of it let's go live to greater grace and. Check in now with w w J's Charlie Langton hi Charlie widsom latest, the latest is that people are in line they want to get those thousand tickets or so but I'm told now that, if you come down here and wait, in line patiently you will be able to get into greater grace to see this really spectacular event it is forming up, to, be, just. A beautiful beautiful day out here In the city of Detroit people are decked out in their Sunday best, because this. Is after all a service is after all. Of you. Know and this is after. All something that the family, of, the Queen of soul wanted to have, a nice. Formal presentation for a tribute to her but people are, they were a little a, little rowdy I'd have to say earlier now they've calmed down and they're just waiting to get in. To greater grace what, a spectacular day though now people are back to being happy. About being here this is, history after all reporting. Live in front of greater grace temple in Detroit Charlie. Langton WJ NewsRadio nine fifty hits Washington DC's turned to say goodbye to. The late Senator. John, McCain, the Zona. Senators five day funeral procession shifts to the. Nation's capital or he will lie in state under. The capitol rotunda today vice President Mike Pence is expected to speak at a ceremony, before members of the public will be allowed to file past the flag draped casket. WGN news time seven Twenty-three it is a little early for holiday shopping But one big, box chain, has already gotten its list together for the top toy picks for the holidays here CBS news correspondent Deborah Rodriguez trying to hone in on this. Place toys r. us shoppers WalMart is announcing forty items. Expected to be most popular among the younger set they include hover boards Barbie's dream house and Papa troll. Firetrucks with Hatchimal and, fingerlings. Making it encore Black Panther action figures inspired by the. Hit movie are expected to continue their hot-seller streak on September eighth WalMart is hosting. A national, play day for kids to try out twice before they fire off lists to Santa. Deborah Rodriguez, CBS news apple, is gearing up for an event on September twelfth, at the Steve Jobs theater in Cupertino California what's it all. About apple. Will almost certainly unveil some new iphone that had September twelfth event the rumors have it that apple might introduce both more expensive and less expensive versions, of the. Iphone ten one with a larger screen and Other in a variety of colors that..

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