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What are some of the other challenges that you guys faced when developing this stuff so there's quite a few compatibility exclusively for for wpa to have control that behaves exactly the same across all those that farms is is quite challenging you you make one vacation in happens ripple around all those dot firm so there's but be the of hewing to do at performances another one at foments has been big driver to have something that that response correctly doesn't lag or you when you try to scroll scroll a list with the very rich content that those designers want to put everything inside it has to not lag so that's why we've implementing things like render phases in inside of these un temps that's something that that no one wants to implement because it's pretty complex to do but still it's it's one thing that if you have a very large item templates with lots of icons numbers in damages than you want to have a phasing integrated into it yeah sure would've common things that somebody coming with a you wpf gonna run into trying to start implementing the cross platform options here their usual mistakes the ass so when they haven't separated they're absent two layers were they thought ahead of time as to how it would behave when they're tapping into platform specific services so let's it they're looking at the contact address borka whatever other windows specific api they're using if it's a highly coupled and their kobe's in the sun separated from the ui logic for example if it's code behind their stuff like that ob will require.

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