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Married to my eleven months ago in the last eleven exactly all right. Your household income during this time is what is it about a hundred twenty thousand and it went up to a hundred sixty thousand. Whoa, nice. What do y'all do for a living? Physical therapist, and I work for electric cooperative is communications coordinator. Oh, very cool. Congratulations. So when when when did you get married, exactly April seventh? Okay. All right. And so it before that you had already started getting out of debt. We did. Yes. Cash flow, the wedding get married and finish up knocking out. The bet what kind of debt was the forty thousand. It was kind of the combination of things we had pretty much the typical things we had two cars both of them had names Bertha and Martha white and Sam had some leftover student loans that she had that we took care of as well. So we started financial peace last August and. He one of those things where when we first started it. I'm very gung ho on things. Sam Sam takes more time to warm up to those those things. And so we ended up doing financial peace university down there in Murfreesboro. And I just really sparked a fire that got us got us go in and was actually the reason why I was even able to save up for an engagement ring for to marry this pretty lady here, they go well done. Good job. Well, fun. How old are you to twenty nine? And you have no doubt. No. Ooh. Feel good. What a great way to start your marriage to it is. Yeah. And then even today, we're already planning for our future because we had we met one of your Smartvestor pros today. So we were already thinking ahead. We're just so excited about what the future holds. Oh, it's amazing. Yeah. You're gonna it's bright very very bright. Good for you. All right. So what do you tell a young engaged? Couple out. There listening that the secret to getting out of debt is. I guess you gotta go about the right way. When we first started doing this. Of course, I'm very. Into things when I when I start doing doing I'm going one hundred percent. And so you definitely don't want to beat the other person over the head with it. So one point we were on a date and Sam was like, listen, you know, I love you. But I would rather be on a date with you and not Dave Ramsey. So kind of a. The thing that I can grow into a little bit. But you had to change the way he was showing it to me. Just listen to one of his live airs or on the podcast start it. Okay. Yeah. You got sick of hearing. You talk about. Mr. enthusiasm over exactly couples. I would say that that if you can eliminate any struggles before you get married. Yeah. I think that it really makes it easier. I mean, we're still in the honeymoon stage. So there's you know, of course, we've not had any knock down drag out fight yet. And I'm sure at some point in the future that might happen. But at least it won't be about money, or at least, hopefully, it's not about money. It'll be about something else gung ho about. Yes. Point. Good job guys. That's wonderful. Great. Great job. Very very fun. Who were your biggest cheerleaders other than each other? Probably our parents, and then our church family, and then our friends. Okay. Yeah. Cool your churches where you went to university. We didn't actually our our church doesn't have it yet. But we're working toward that. But we actually went down down the street to another church. Okay. Down here in about belt. I mean, if there's a church on every corner. It literally murphysboro there's a church on every corner. So we went down there and took some fantastic, folks. Good deal. Well, congratulations. We're proud of you. Thank you. Thank Don, very well done and a copy of.

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