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Sacramento police officer Tara Sullivan was moved from the coroner's office to a funeral home in elk grove, people lined the route some waving American flags firetrucks, CHP, cruisers, and other law enforcement vehicle stood watch on overpasses along fruit ridge Florin, and MAC roads O'Sullivan's body was taken to the Herberger funeral home in elk grove. She'll lion rest there until her funeral details on that funeral have not yet, been announced sac state, will hold a Sunday night vigil in memory of the fallen Sacramento police officer tarot Sullivan. The twenty six year old rookie officer was shot and killed this week in the line of duty. O'sullivan was a sack state, grad and the only woman so far to complete the university's law enforcement candidate scholars program. The vigil is Sunday night at eight PM at the outdoor studio theatre, which is north west of the university library schools, inviting friends family fellow alumni and members of the community to celebrate officer O'Sullivan's life, and legacy California legislators are weighing in on a potential war with Iran after US drone was shot down by Iranian forces Thursday. Republican Congressman Tom McClintock says the Trump administration showed remarkable restraint in not retaliating immediately. And he believes the focus on heavy sanctions will force over, gene. Jane. Nature. We'll take it scores. But John Deere Mendy who sits on the House Armed Services, committee says the chaos and the Trump administration is adding to the tension, that creates a very dangerous situation in which our military doesn't know what to expect as evidence last night, nor does our allies. He adds that if President Donald Trump wants to launch an attack against Iran, he would need to get congressional approval. I a fire burning west of red bluff is consumed. Two hundred acres dubbed. The east fire the, the blaze broke out, Monday, the yellow Bali wilderness, a second fire called the Hanes fire burning just to the southeast. It's burned twenty three acres. The terrain includes heavy brush dead. Trees, down logs? It's believed that lightning sparked both fires. The US department of forestry reports there are one hundred and forty five people working on these fires, including smokejumpers hotshot, crews, wildland, fire, modules, helicopters, and support people five oh, five at news ninety three point one k became let's get a check of your traffic trouble spot with Dana Hess. He's an archaic traffic seven. Again, we have the fatality accident Madison at Hazel and it looks like that is going to be blocked off for a while. So avoid that area. This is due to a fatality accident working out there right now Madison at Hazel. President Trump is reportedly ordering federal immigration raids in ten major cities across the country, that's drawing a passionate response from both sides of the issue massive roundups of migrant families are set to begin on Sunday ice agents said to be targetting up to two thousand families that have been slated for deportations. And several big cities that includes San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. Ira Mellman of the federation for immigration form supports the raids these people have been through the legal procedure. They have been issued an order of deportation and they have discounted Melman Paul's federal round ups. A matter of following the law or laws that have been passed by congress. These are people who have violated those laws had their day in court and are refusing to leave critics, though, are blasting the deportation orders, Los Angeles County supervisor, and former Obama administration cabinet member, Hilda Sali's accuses President Trump of organizing political stunt, very callous, and very calculated move onto part of the administration. So lease. Things Trump is trying to score political points with his base. I think this is a way of inciting fear angst. And also trauma, amongst families that are already under the gun run Doritos Kravitz of the campaign for immigration detention reform calls the raids cruel, and inhumane hugging people who have been here. Many for years and years, has contributed substantially to California thing Connie, many Nick family status. They have both citizens and undocumented committee numbers in the family and have been here and are here to get back. Many had fled silent and horrific conditions and tying to provide safety for their families Rio scrubs is upset with conditions of the Yuba county jail where she says an average of one hundred eighty ice detainees are held every day. Nation of immigrants and immigrant substantially given back to the state of California. And we argue for humane dishes, and you may due process rights for all that are seeking asylum, Gavin Newsom who's calling the president's proposed raids cruel and misdirected saying, they're creating unnecessary fear anxiety. I just wanna say folks.

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