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Very folks, I'm Kevin Correia and this is your Esports minute week, one of the LCS summer, split just wrapped up in man. Does North American League of Legends? Never failed to entertain Team Liquid losing their first game with a split the TSM in in response. They bent their start top laner in Alpha replacing them. A cademy teams Jenkins for the spring. Split Champions, Cloud Nine's, post MSI performance left. Something to be desired after a one and two-week had seen. I had benched, they're bot laner in spent before the weekends and apparently that was just not the move to make TSM and Immortals were the only two squads walk away with a three and a record to start the split. And these events were to continue that entertaining start over with leaves June houses. Had their final four chosen for the upcoming finale. On June 10th will see the two Kurt strongest teams from the East and West face off in a rematch from the main melee. The Dead Fuel in the Shanghai dragons. If you're a fan of underdogs, they'll have plenty to cheer for in the New York Excelsior and the Atlanta reign as both. Those teams upset higher-seeded opponents in the Hangzhou spark in San Francisco, shock respectively. Personally, my obvious bias to pick to take the term. It would be the Dallas fuel, their main one of the toughest teams to beat this season. And the addition of his skin Pine is only made them better since their last tournament win last month. Hey, don't forget to check out our long-form e Sports Network podcast. Featuring today's guest was Karen Mendoza formerly of Nintendo America and currently with legendary shift, working on connecting people in gaming to the game and bravest Esports, name's catch the episode on podcast Services anywhere. I'm Kevin Correia, that's my time and that has been your Esports minute. Follow us on Twitter, a t, Sports Network and accurate 24. And be sure to visit with sports network.com for more stories written. By our great staff will update you again tomorrow on Tuesday,.

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