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We phase at three pm the Savage Nation, only on the talk of Connecticut. Why would a president go out of his way of the arrived in foreign countries thought attacking the mayor out does that add dig into his office? What do you think? I worship the Royal family. I hate the Royal family will vote for him. Yes. I pass the loyalty test. Yes, I vote for him. Yes. I vote for him. Support him all the time. The Savage Nation weekdays at three pm the talk of Connecticut. lars larson great to be with you right here on the talk of connecticut w._d._r. c. w. s. n. g. at w. m w honestly provocative talk the lars larson show welcome back to the lars larson show l. as we've already talked about the supreme court has already come down with some major decisions on some major issues including one i told you about the other night the bakery case involving sweet cakes by melissa and the klein's aaron and melissa i've involved invited collies stimson on who's a senior legal fellow at the heritage foundation to talk about what is coming next because you know the court is about to wrap current term and won't be back till october so mr stimpson welcome back and tell us what's what's still to come from the supreme court at this point Thanks for having me. We have. Question case department of commerce. Political gerrymandering case, which is the case, the American humanist American leaving Kate. The cross displayed on public property on her phone were one soldiers the flowers against Mississippi case, whether whether a prosecutor has kicking a black people off juries improperly against another supreme court. Case cases following in addition to the flowers. Delegation doctrine case, which is whether the federal sex offender registration delegation of authority to determine general violated not delegation because they applied it retroactively applied to people who registered before July thousand six and then. Not constitutional case that were watching is Kaiser Wilkie. Court. Overall this doctrine called our deference or seminal, rock, deffers. Yeah, the. Right to regulate. And that somebody challenges regulation, and that if the eighty own regulation. Manner that they have. And that. The regulation should be upheld as interpreted by the agency. So though. The sexier cases coming up about twenty twenty cases to be decided still, so we still have a lot of cases collie. Tell me this in your read the way they're deciding things right now who's voting on which we, we have a different composition for the court that we had just couple of years ago because the points being made by President Trump. How are these being decided and are you seeing some unusual patterns in who's voting which way on, on which cases, we are, you would think given the hue and cry that President Trump had had appointed lockstep conservatives Scalia that they're all gonna vote as a block on everything. And that's couldn't be further from the truth. Gorsuch, and cabin all vote not. Against the chief vote again. Split from Alito concurring. Opinions dissenting opinions. Alita. Kevin. All right. Joined the liberal bloc majority opinion. So they're not predictable in the sense of how the left portrayed as lockstep conservatives all to block what they are consistent in. Is there consistent with the values they express during their confirmation? That they look for the original meaning in the constitution for various phrases that are difficult to discern the text of the constitution and individual. They're very persuasive, and what do you agree or disagree with the opinion is relevant? They're worth reading because they're just good reading v. I like that because I want people to stick to the constitution. I know that they're going to be times where the constitution does not deliver the kind of result that I'd like, but I'd rather have a constitutional result than the results, I, I want because I want to stick to that, that bait bedrock set of principles. And I realized the only way you can do it as say, we got a set of rules, and we're gonna follow them. And if you start to break from them saying, well, you know, that's a rules, the constitution is inconvenient this time around for my side. Well then you might as well throw the constitution out altogether. If you're only going to follow it when it's convenient. Yeah. And I know you're a big separation of powers guys. You know, sort of a dry nerdy, get worthless concept. And it's nothing. It's nothing nothing that it's, it's the reason we have special relationship with the people that we do in this country. What separates us from the rest of the world they have three co equal branches of government and to your point about not let's -sarily joint the decision. Fidelity to constitution you want that is a perfect example. Gandhi, by the way, the interest disclosure, the Gundy, the person at the department of Justice in two thousand six who was delegated authority to write the rules for the registration my wife. Oh. Yeah. Feedback. The smart office. Office. But here, the issue is whether. Congress. Delegated to the attorney general, to decide whether sex offender registration requirements defenders who are predicted the act came into being the issues whether or not that delegation was appropriate because as a as a separation powers person, you know, that delegation, prohibits congress from transferring, how's it legislative power to another branch of the government. So the question here. Absolutely. They transferred their power. It was inappropriate violated. The constitution. Directed the Justice department to implement the rules to cover pre-act offenders. Deal if the government loses and they could over five hundred thousand convicted registered sex offenders, who are convicted registered before July two thousand six fall off of the national think how how, you know, you talk about his nerdy, but I tell you Kelly that is hugely consequential because I know people who check those registries, they say, gee, I've, I've at least identified the people within my neighborhood, or my community that I have that I have to arguably be concerned about, although you can't go off, and do your vigilante, Justice beacon say that guy lives down the block. My kids aren't going anywhere near or I'm going to approach him. And, you know, take with a grain of salt, I'll, I'll him and understand, you know who he is. And what is back on is. So I take that into account letting five hundred thousand people fall off is hugely, consequential right. And the question for conservatives. And if you look at all the unto the court briefs the so-called. Briefs then lined up with Gundy. One, too, but it's a lot of libertarian and other constitutional conservatives. They look the issue is not whether. Should be registered public policy. Most people with that, not everybody. But most issue is whether this violated the delegation, Dr. And they did. Constitutional standpoint. How are can't punt? The executive rant so that it violates the delegates really interesting question. We will find out tomorrow, collie pleasure to have you on the program. Thanks so much. kali stimson from the heritage foundation talking about big decisions coming down from the united states bream court tonight the twitter poll should you have to pay a fine if your child is a bully i don't think it's going to do any good so i don't really think there's a point to this but there's a proposal in wisconsin rapids wisconsin that would allow parents to be fined up to three hundred thirteen dollars if their children are bullying other people in most cases this would happen at school i would say no you shouldn't have to pay a fine of your child's bully i don't think number one at your responsibility and number two i think in many cases with teenagers the parents have lost the ability to control kids at that age tonight's twitter poll is brought to you by amac the association of mature american citizens it has the conservative values i believe in i joined in you should too at or eight to six to two thousand six back in just momo get your phone calls.

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