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And what's wrong the NHL is driving its mobile history museum to NHL cities in an effort to put a spotlight on its black players the next day the museum was parked next to a small outdoor ice rink in downtown Saint Louis for the all star game festivities this here is really really cool artifact inside the narrow trailer lined with photos and memorabilia co curator Kwame Mason gave a torque to some past and present pro players a few hours before the game they had a chance to autograph their pictures on the wall representing every black player in the league the museum tells the history of what was then known as the colored hockey league of the merit times that formed in eighteen ninety five in Nova Scotia and highlights the contributions by those black players things like the slapshot in butterfly goalie stands on the court today is Anthony Duclair one of two black players to make the all star team I am for myself you know I didn't really know all bunch of these guys until today so it we're all learning together Mason who made his own film about the history of black hockey players says affordability and access to ice is only one challenge making the game more inclusive the biggest issue for me is the interaction the invitation and the comp ability I'll bring in in my nose and making them feel comfortable in the hockey space after the museum opened to the public eight year old crown Jones wondered and with this grant thank you and then crime prefers football over hockey he's tried ice skating before but says it's hard but he read almost every word of the history exhibit as this family inched through the crowd to the other end I learned that famous black hockey players help others L. worked as a team his grandparents then rented him a pair of skates at the outer ring.

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