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What if i was my father mother applauding your whatever and want if they have sabree so what if they've attention translation owners learned on a positive note to today's episode is brought to you by damn bailey wing marker for at least a two thousand seventeen i'll send me this one i don't know i really can't is we have a dan bailey your dad ride wicket stolen easy an old i figured it was like a two thousand twelve one because we have a bunch of dan stuff from when he lived here if you're listening to this dan all your stuff we still here just come home i well you know it's the offseason he could come visit i mean yeah yeah you could would it them as our guest tomba he's in houston right now isn't it the is back in gold black is working at rogue now oh dan so offseason right through offseasons ill they say start the dial it up now yeah there are two weeks from now aliens from hersh october's was kind of when it's like or it's time to grew meal into it we've been swimming some not as much handler hitting that back there former that is instagram post the other day one word hell well mrs awful in its scanned the pool i hate i hate swimming something that's meant to be fun is just ruined just trying to make competitive i feel like they had a diving board you know 10 the.

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