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That's eldorado chevy dot com. Now, One thing I want to talk about is There's a lot of people you're gonna take that insurance money. Are you going to do is PTR to that car? The judge has a question about that. And so what I want to say is, remember, you have airbags. You have side air bags. You have airbags in the front on. Do you really need to have somebody that knows what they're doing? Look at that car before you go. You know what? I'm just gonna PDR it and walk away. And then if something else happens, they've already picture of the car. And they identified the previous problem and there's even bigger problems. You're going to get a no pay on the next one will be very, very careful your question. Judge. What's pretty army? Painless dent repair. Okay, obviously one asking those crazy dresses like that card, I That car lingo gets going and, Oh, you know, I could do some judge stuff and say you do up and then you're going to say, what do you walking? Dismissed without one of prosecution s so anyways? My so my question is really quickly two things on the hill damage. You see all these marketed like inflatable things you can put on your car that do they really work I've got to coming. As a matter of fact, I called the company and I said I told him what I didn't he goes We want to send you to and what we want to do is when you inflate it is take a baseball. And stand back 20 ft and throw it as hard as you can in that car. And if there's any damage and there, send it to me in writing will pay for it. So can you tell him the judge wants to try that, too? So anyway? You by and by the size of your car from bumper to bumper, and so you just How do you do is you go from the license plate to the very back of the bumper? Whatever that depth is, is, um The size of the rap that goes over and you inflate it, and you are supposedly the sad thing is there's so many companies now that all of a sudden release their blow up hell protectors, right, And so I started calling around and I found this company in Arizona. And I took a look at their product, how it's made and the warranty and everything that comes with and, uh, Sonny. Well, I'm getting to all you need to send me the dimensions and we'll see if we can get one and just When it happens to give it a shout GMC 84 e I need you're like you're a car guy. You should know exactly right back. I'm telling you, I can tell you one of my cars is 1 22. So I got the medium. I'd like to see the people drive down the road with the Marty was still blown up while they're driving. Just cut a little hole like wearing a mask when they're in their own. Don't just happen to be in my court for them before the accident case around this radio show. So what? We bought it. We have damaged people are the pictures of people that are getting gasoline and their dollar general bags. Okay, Here's here's a great question. Um, one of my buddies Roger, who was in Painting body business sent me over question, he said. Can you sue the city? And if you did with that being Judge Christopher's court, and he would he was the beginning of a question. When you're driving down the road, you hit a pothole that destroys your will entire.

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