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Valley of the Sun William CIA is teaming up with Uber to provide free rights to Kobe 19 vaccine appointments for seniors. Marianne McCann is among the first to benefit She turned to the Y M. C a after she tried to transportation services, but they couldn't help me because neither one of those companies We'll drive through and had to be a drive through. And so I had no way to turn If you need a ride to York over 19 vaccine appointments, Contact your local Y M C. A to set that up Reporting live. I'm Griselda City. No Katya. Our news. Arizona's third Max, Mass vaccination side is said to open up this week. But is there enough vaccine supply for it? The first state run vaccination side in southern Arizona is set to open Thursday at the University of Arizona. But Dr Robert Robbins University president says he's concerned. Turned, they won't have enough supply. If they want us to run this at 68,000 vaccines a day. That means we're gonna have to have tremendous increase in the amount of vaccines that we have. Dr. Robin says The university is ready to vaccinate as many Arizonans as possible, but it'll all come down to available doses. Keep welcoming. Yo Ke T. R News haven't heard a whole lot from former President Trump since he left office last month. While we know he's created an office of the 45th president, we don't know what Trump is planning to do. Next. ABC News political analyst Alex Custody a nose tells Arizona's morning news. He doesn't think Trump's future includes another run for the White House in three years. Why do that when he could remain tremendously powerful politically and make a ton of money to Castano's also wouldn't be surprised to see Trump create an alternative to Twitter. Especially since the social media site has banned him from using their service. We'll see how those roads are looking this afternoon. Larry Lewis's in the Valley Chevy Dealers, Traffic.

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