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So it's all about five. Jeez. All about everything talking to everything else. Your refrigerator talking to his cell phone, your cell phone, talking to your doctor your doctor talking to your nurse is in a connection in another things. They call it. And this next generates presumably is the underlying telecom engine that allows you to do this next generation communication like when you download a movie from from a server somewhere. It may take you five minutes may take six minutes seven minutes with the internet of things five G. It will literally take a few seconds. So the speeds of so much more that there's going to be. So many advantages as user that we don't have today. But here's the downside when you do active denial active denial is technology that you use for crop control in fighting war with what that is is a gun a device that focuses energy, and it shoots out energy to you. And you you break up as a crowd because you can't stand the exposure while active denial devices are ninety gigahertz. Remember that's between two and three hundred gigahertz outta just talk about it. Ninety would happens at ninety gigahertz it your sweat glands actually become antenna for ninety gigahertz signals. It doesn't happen to. It hurts. It doesn't happen. It ninety three hundred gigahertz it happens it ninety gigahertz. And so when you see crop control being disbursed with these machines and these people running and screaming the hot at burning up burning up. That's because the natural bodies antenna is attracting the the signal to their bodies. So that's sort of an example of how we know from research that the five G technologies space will react to the body. That's one instance of knowledge, and I think there's many more to be uncovered time. And you said that's only at ninety gigahertz in this yet. She can go up to three hundred right? Yeah. Exactly how that is insane. And by the way. Gigahertz is a third of a terahertz right and terahertz x rays. Is it? Yeah. An extra is considered ionized signals. Another words it those things that just sells too much. They're gonna knock the electron out of its orbit, and you're gonna die of cancer. That's what x rays are with long-term exposures. And we're beginning in technology to approach the higher and higher speeds. Now, by the way, the Powell levels on different they're much lower. But sometimes to the body lower is worse. You body can protect us your your your body can protect itself when the energy levels are really really really low. If they are stronger believe it or not the body can protect itself. But when it's really low it sneaks inside the body. But how many gigahertz is microwaves to three gigahertz? That's it. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. It's Michael it, the Powell levels of more, right? They you can buy seven hundred fifty watt microwave thousand one microwave so cooks faster. But it's virtually the same signal of the cellphone Powell was much less with the cellphone than a microwave, bud. But it's a thermal transmit. So the power does matter in that case. Okay. Right. But by the way, people ask me about that is a bluetooth safer than a cell phone. Another words a cellphone at one dots. One dot six. Watts. A bluetooth is dot three watts. You know, the almost organs magnitude less the answer in sciences. No, there's no we don't know a difference. So you can't say I'm safer with bluetooth AM with cell phone. I'm shape with wifi than I am with a bluetooth. You can't say that. Because we don't have enough research that differentiates those signals and the harm to the body. But in your view, what do you think? Oh, the no doubt all of its dangerous member. I told you about the concussion. Yeah. Yet. That's when I went nuts because I found actually research that talked about that one gigahertz, assuming doubt one watts. Ding doing DNA damage to a cell. That's not what Powell. I wonder how much more damage is really happening to people, and they have no idea what's going on. You know, I work with a bunch of physicians and stuff. And you know, we talk about cancers on a on the up. There are so many factors in our environment. That no question the toxins being introduced the chemicals in the air. There's so much more of that stuff than fifty years ago twice ten billion times more than one hundred years ago..

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