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Have if you or a loved one suffered hearing loss or ten it is after serving or while serving in the U. S. armed forces you need to choose the right legal team that has the experience of support staff and resources to see the most compensation for your injuries call the sendo group now for more information and a free case review call eight hundred eight nine four nine nine one nine eight hundred eight nine four nine nine one nine that's eight hundred eight nine four nine nine one nine there are currently here to tell you about our new podcast red eyes extra mile your one stop shop for all things trucking we'll talk about everything from taking care of your rig and taking care of your health the new products and technology regulations and new ways to stay focused on the road ahead you can listen while you're driving you can listen while you're not driving red eyes extra mile available on apple podcast Google podcast stitcher June and Spotify and our website run a radio show dot com a man who allegedly his daughter in law is the latest addition to the F. B. I.'s ten most wanted fugitives list Eugene Palmer allegedly shot Tammy Palmer to death moments after she walked to two children to the school bus stop back in twenty twelve in stony point New York a neighbor called nine one one listen to it at all one word a lot of streaming no more and another shot just just Michael Kruger of the hopper straw police department says Palmer allegedly fired three shots at Tammy who tried to escape the flying bullets final shot with point blank range traitement chest as she was laying on the ground as the I. agent Andrew Fisher says Palmer is eighty years old and may blend in with the crowd of grandparents we want to make very clear that you can Palmer is accused of a tremendously violent act Palmer is a hunter all car enthusiast and has a deformed if you have information about this case dial one eight hundred call FBI with wanted by the F. B. I..

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