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We begin rightaid michelle. We're spending a lot of talks with her. We all know it. Yeah you'd think we have. We'd get more with the way we do these things. Yeah that's awesome all right. I've got another one for both of you. If the pioneer league were a beverage what would it be Well i i would Start off because jimmy's take some time to think through these things but hoped say rc. Cola it's a classic steeped in history but it's it's not given its due for how wonderful it is and how refreshing it is and how different it is and You know what it's it's an old classic but it never lets you down top that one jim. The old classic remember Maybe a southern drink was in a smaller bottle and it was called grape. Bet you can google it rape bet. Great bet great admiral kid. Rc cola was awfully sweet. Compared to coca cola dr pepper which is southern drink as well yen the pioneer leagues. Not in the south. Thank goodness no but nicole. It's a little different than everything else do. Reserve are to ballpark. Nobody serves rc. Cola can you still get it. I haven't seen it. Give us to get our own. I didn't like it as a kitty. No kid i like my was your favorite band during your Bring if years behind me. Was it big brother and the holding company or my favorite. At least a now gyms asking the questions. My favorite band of all time was the allman brothers. Ooh nice southern southern rock darcy cola yet loving on music. Jim carlson to you. What's your favorite band of all time. You know there is a singer. In fact he last talked with him. He was living in jackson hole. Just over the mountain from idaho falls. Where club is a lot of people. Come from jackson over to see the games and his name. Was tom rush. Oh my god. I love them rush. He was up in your country mike. I used to well when i was in college at georgetown. I work in a nightclub of the cellar door..

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