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The most pressure in tonight's NBA play-offs, Kyle Lowry, the nuggets or Russell Westbrook. I put my vote in for Kyle lower. And he is right now. Winning fifty one percent. Russell Westbrook coming in at twenty six the nuggets at twenty three. I wonder why the nuggets a team who at times were even in the first spot in the west this season are not getting the same sort of urgency from fans as the other two guys because we don't believe you. You you need more people as as e one set the nuggets are a really nice team to have fun with during the regular season. But like we talked about last week. They got nobody on that team. That's playoff proven. And after the altitude, you know, subsides and you've been there for a day or so a couple of days. It doesn't hit you like as if you just touched down the night before the way the regular season would so yeah, the San Antonio Spurs are prime for beating the nuggets. I don't think the nuggets have as much pressure on him as the other two options. Russell Westbrook crusher coming from expectations. You're saying. Yeah. Exactly. Because we never believed that they were as good as their record said. Then if they don't live up to it. None of us will bag on this. We'll be like, well, yeah, you're the nuggets we didn't think you would do with Alex English and Dennis away walking through that door. So I'm cool on a nugget. But this Kyle Lowry thing this is now after a year of being upset that is, you know, his his buddy is, bro. Dhamar Rosen was traded, and you know, grumbling a little bit. But trying to keep a good. Face. He played like an all star level point guard at times. But this is the problem you get to this point in the season. And this is why I think Masai Jerry had his name dancing in the in the heads of GM's. And then all of them were like, nah, we'll take tomorrow to rose in file he went to the San Antonio Spurs. Kyle Lowry played himself a decent all around game. But he couldn't put the ball in the hole. And that's the problem. You have to be able to score at the point guard position where they're not touching you on the perimeter the freedom of movement in the NBA on the perimeter. And how guys get mugged on the post is something that I think the NBA rules committee is going to have to look at emphasize here pretty soon, but you can't go scoreless against DJ Augustine shut out to DJ and the Augustine family. If you listen, it's no shape to him journeyman terrific free throw shooter. And he put it all Lowry that that's the match up you have to win. And if there's is going to be quite limited, and hitting, you know, pull up step back fadeaway jump shots Koby Bryant detailed in in his detail segment, which was beautifully done. Then Kyle Lowry has to. Be something other than what we expect Kyle Lowry to be which is a tough, dude, but comes up small in too, many playoff instances, well and the problem with the raptors and their stars is that because of the history of getting upset by LeBron and the Cavs. They all have a reputation, right? We call them demar regular season. Right. And now you've not Paul Pierce is coming and flat out saying Kyle Lowry is a regular season player after we scored zero points in that game one against the magic. Now, he's got a chance here to redeem himself. He had some moments of that game where he was very effective in terms of rebounds, and assists. Just couldn't score to save his life and tonight's going to be I think everyone seems to be for the most part on the same page that he's the one who has the most pressure on Russell Westbrook has proved himself, despite of course, still wanted to put more playoff accolades on his resume, but Lowery is the one NBA playoffs are on ESPN radio. Tune in tonight as Westbrook and the thunder. Visit the blazers presented by indeed coverage begins at ten pm eastern on most ESPN radio stations. You can still go vote on that pull updated a little later coming up. How much pressure are the nuggets feeling even if we aren't giving them edge expectation will they be we'll get you set for game two of their series against the Spurs next.

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