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Is to end this trial with no witnesses for either side and have Congress do oversight regarding what happened in the Ukraine and Graham says he wants to examine how former vice president Biden's son hunter was hired by Berisha an energy company in Ukraine another confirm U. S. case of the new viruses originated in China Chicago resident in her sixties became ill shortly after returning from Wuhan China where the outbreak began the only other confirm U. S. cases a man in his thirties who became ill shortly after returning from central China he's under quarantine at a hospital outside Seattle also said to be doing well according to the CDC there are sixty three US patients in twenty two states under investigation for possible but still unconfirmed corona virus infection thanks is John his salary in Atlanta America is listening to fox news Hey I'm John Gulian topping all since news possibly see primarily says despite also city council passing a resolution directing APD to stop reporting low level marijuana offenses nothing is changed about how the department works those cases low level marijuana enforcement has not been a priority we deal with it when we come across it if we're called the situations and marijuana is involved if we make traffic stops and marijuana is involved we will handle it family says that includes site and release if it applies or arrests almost this is a growing problem for cities across central Texas that includes in Bastrop were calls related to homelessness have climbed the interim police chief says as of last week there been eight calls for service since mid December and the city of Austin is considering financial compensation for the municipal civil service commission that's the commission that hears appeals from city employees who were disciplined or fired your kale BJ radar weather watch low thirty eight high sixty seven get Austin news on demand a news radio kale B. J. dot.

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