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The man stream the episodes directly from the website about to review dot com. I think people sometimes think it as a joke that I mess up legitimately every time I've thought about writing a script being like I should do this prerecord why. Then he does not feel organic organic because the same isn't that changing? Is that something change? No, no, nothing. So yeah, you can stream the episode's direct from the website about review dot com, which is also where you can find full links to these show notes and guests. Speaking of guests back in the studio after a long absence, long hiatus because of scheduling and just life is Tim old people's critic on back. You are good to be back. Yes, so we are going to be talking about, I think we technically missed shirk week. I barely. I think it was like a week ago or so by the tennis episode drops, we're not only going to be reviewing the Meg Vanu Jason, stay thin, lead action adventure, shark moving. Yeah, but we're also going to be giving in the grand tradition of the battery podcast. We're going to be talking about our good bad and ugly, shark movies. Gotcha. So for reference an episode I did with Brian, the movie guy, we did good bad and ugly train movies. When the commuter came out, speaking of a lot of them shark movies when I did. Did a quick Google search, good God, a lot of bad ones whole lot. Lot of really bad song moves. So yes. So on this episode, we will review the Meg, and then I'll talk about our good better, shark movies as well as the geek news before we get into that, we have to get into the original theme song by Damien, Randall ill-mannered media. Let's all go to the FBI. Let's all go to the. Lobby, let's all go to. Bobby is sound..

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