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I wanna make sure that the he'll you wanna die on the hill i'm gonna live on that he'll will live a long time kevin logged enough score twenty points in that series nobody did and you're gonna talk about an lebron's left them for five minutes because he was praying caring checks out and walks up the ramp to the locker room and kevin love takes over the game they're up one and he hits two threes and a long to and all sudden lebron comes back in your up twelve you don't think kevin love had something to a saving the seizes to what if they've been down twelve when he came back you don't think that was helped was that hell was it help kevin love finally show give fourteen point think about i only care about eight and that strat exactly games if you don't mind me asking so what part did lebron's thirty eight up until that point what role did it play will it didn't play much because they're only point and they couldn't lose the question they couldn't put them away to measure question if lebron has thirty at that point what was the whole strategy of nate mcmillan he just said let lebron what about that freeway to the basket remember let's your shut down the other cavs let's shut him very easy it went very hard indiana sure out the right blueprint didn't they know because at that point late in the third it's a minute left of the third down one the cleveland whatever kidding the measure question skill a blueprint somebody only wants to blueprint of your home if the home looks nice if you've got a crappy home if you got him out house nobody was for it to an yeah but you yeah but what team as a five seat in the east wouldn't wanna be down one point with a minute to go in the third quarter a game seven at cleveland you what team would what cleveland with the foresee what team would wanna see lebron cramped or whatever he was walking out the tunnel you have who would want to see that you had an opportunity to put them away remember you had to lead in game four slip away remember you had to lead at home so if you don't mind me asking you your lebron heavy health for those five minutes yet.

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