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The pride passion and pageantry of college football lives here. This is the qualifying bomb show hour two podcast. And good afternoon, welcome on this Veterans Day. We certainly will be spending a lot of time talking about the service to this country by so many of you and we appreciate you being a part of the program. We have a lot to do today some guests, including a retired general. And your phone calls at 8 5 5 two four two 7 two 8 5. Let's get right to it. And talk about what is going on with the dogs and the volunteers, Tennessee expected to score a lot. That is really the question. It's all about hinden hooker who was not the starter when the season began, but he is the main cog right now in the Tennessee machine as Georgia worries about that. Meanwhile, and leach, achieve success in very different ways. These two are very dissimilar. In some ways they are similar. They meet on Saturday early morning at Jordan here. The aggies preparing for a one game season versus old mist. This is probably the headliner in the SEC this week in terms of ranked versus ranked. So we have miserably state auburn. That's the early game. South Carolina mizu Kentucky Vanderbilt, Georgia Tennessee a and M almost and how about that one at night? Arkansas and LSU. That's the boot game, isn't it? Some other news, Yukon. Has gone where no one else would. They hired Jim Moore, a former UCLA coach former Seattle coach. He was out of work, can you say he's back in the back end business now since he got you, by the way, for the record, I turned that job down. Meanwhile, Mike, resco, I don't know about you, but when Michael esco talks, I turn the channel. He's become the motormouth of college football. Anyway, I could take that back. Sporter Coe's got a cool story about the financial aspects of college football and we will talk to the writer of that Daniel limit, just a little bit later in the show. So again, a lot to do on this Veterans Day. It is Thursday. Let's share with you who will be joining us. Scott rabelais starts it off from Baton Rouge. We'll get his thoughts on the Ed O conundrum as well as Jimbo really in consideration there. The aforementioned libet, Ken Smith Meyer, the judgment expert. Now what has gone wrong in Florida and retired major general Vincent balls will join us in the final hour. And your phone calls the first hour. As we say hello to John in Louisville, hey, John. Hey, great show yesterday. And by the way, you can never take back your monologue in nor should you. I don't really enjoy it. I don't want mica rescue to get the wrong idea that I'm being unkind to him. I just frankly like him very much. We've been friends, but the more he talks about Cincinnati, the less credibility he has. Oh my gosh, just give him their participation award and move on. Anyways, great interview with not her, that Kirk herb straight you always modify your interviews for the particular guest and you did a well there and he knocked it out of the park at the end of the interview. Yeah, I thought the end, I thought the end there was really brilliant. When he talked about LSU in Florida and what has gone wrong. And the culture. And before I ask you a question on iceman, I do want to salute the veterans, I know Larry served in Vietnam as I recall. And the 95 year old Herald from Atlanta, I think was involved with the Balboa and I've got to put my twin brother in there too. He flew for the Marine Corps and was involved in the first Gulf War. He has a lot of carrier stories. Well, I'm glad you said that. Yeah, I think we all on a day like that I think about relatives and friends and I used to always as a kid want to hear my dad's stories. He was in the Pacific theater. During World War II, my uncle flew missions over Germany during World War II. I mean, those are those are the things John that you would love to have back. And you also wish you had spent maybe a little more time listening as opposed to jabbering as a kid, but those are priceless stories. They're leaving us much too soon. So my question on Heisman, obviously some of the well-known candidates at the beginning of the season like the quarterback at Oklahoma and Georgia probably will be playing another year to get NFL credibility. But as I see it right now, it seems like Bryce young is a good candidate particularly as well, Mac carrell. What do you see as the top three at this point of the season? I think those are both in there and I think both are waiting for a moment. I think beyond that, the quarterback from Pitt is under consideration. I don't. He has a big game tonight. So he'll have an opportunity on a big stage against North Carolina. I think Caleb Williams is the one I'm keeping my eye on. He's the new starter in Oklahoma. He plays in big games every game they have now will be big. So if he performs well, I think he has a really interesting shot. That would be the story of the year when you consider he was the backup quarterback behind the Heisman favorite. And can you imagine if he ended up winning the Heisman? You better mention the Cincinnati quarterback too if you want to get my I think he should finish 5th, just like Cincinnati is ranked in the polls. Are you man? Thank you. Yeah, but yeah, as we say in the trade, you know, he deserves it. He deserves a trip to New York. Let's talk to James who is next. Paul has heard decided if we're going to be able to have a season this year or not. I do remember that now. Yeah, he was. He was okay with it. He seems like he is, yes. Okay, well, I'm glad to hear that. Paul, let me say this. My father like yours was also a World War II there..

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