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Will add to that. Do you believe that? That is a good down payment. Menora the Russians like putting lipstick on a pig, man. This is a bad deal. This is a bad deal. You heard John Gary Mendy demographic, California Representative Tom Reid, rebel, New York. Tom mcclinton from California and Kay Granger. All Republicans talking about the deal that the negotiators have struck question. In for me Bruce Jenner who the geniuses were on the GOP side that negotiated this Bill will you name names? I'm finding the full list. I'm doing a Google search for that. And as soon as I find the fullest posted on the Bruce Elliott show page on Facebook. So that you guys have it available to all right for one zero WCBS six eighty is our telephone number toll free long distance has one eight hundred six eighty Levinson Baltimore. Good morning. Love. Are you there? Leave apparently. So that happens we want stand next who can stay. He's left the building of a four one zero WCBS eighty toll free long distance. It's one eight hundred six eighty. El Chapo, by the way. He's been found. Guilty. All counts now. Fourteen billion dollars. Seized him him fourteen billion dollars. Okay. It's time for. Seizing that money doing with Ted Cruz has adjusted for quite some time sees that money. And use it to build the wall. Pretty straightforward. I still I'm just blown away by what the Democrats did. Look, there's no way about it. The Republicans got shellacked snookered. This is a bad deal. Whether or not the president signs it. I have no idea. I don't think he should. Lousy deal. I think that we should be up for another furlough that would last as long as necessary until the Democrats say we'll all right, then here's three billion. Now, let's get on with it. Or until they pass a Bill that says, we're taking the fourteen billion from El Chapo, and we're going to go on from there. Rick has and Millersville first up this half hour. Good morning. Rick. Good morning. I just wanted to say that I think the Democrats and the Republicans for the most part a lot of them don't realize that the Democrats are on the roads as we all remember Nancy Pelosi said she would he make for the wall. That's it for now. They're saying they'll give one point whatever doing which is a pittance, they're on the wall. Right now. So I certainly believe as an alternative that Trump can say this is what I want this. What this is what we need. And I think possibly the democrat will give them more. They'll give him the whole thing. I think they'll give them a whole lot more because they are backpedaling if I may use that terminology. Yeah. Rick the problem. I have with it as they once offered one point seven billion. So now, they're back down to one point three five or the Republicans said boy, that's a great compromise. What the hell's? If they said. Seven hundred million and they came up to one point three five billion. You can see. Well, they have almost double what they had. But we're going backwards here. I I mean, I'm finding the name of that will go. She is once I have it. I'll post the list because they did not the GOP negotiators did not do their job. Are. They simply did not. As in how the Democrats unified Republicans are not unified that to me. That's a bigger problem. What we have with the Democrats. That's my final thought on third. Thanks for your call. Appreciate it for one zero WCBS six eighty toll free long distance. It's one eight hundred six eighty HOGAN Gidley is the White House deputy press secretary he was on America's newsroom last night. And you said the Democrats to focus on securing America's borders instead of making the issue a political one, and they should not be endorsing policies. They'll let criminals go free and bluffing, folks. This is what they've been doing when they get added in here. You only have so many beds to put illegal aliens on criminal aliens, so many bands and no more. This is actually an encouragement. For more illegals to come across the border. Because once the first six months of the year you fill filled up award at forty seven thousand for the seven for the second six months of the year. What are you gonna do with all those people if you have no beds to keep them? Gee, I guess you just release them into the American population. This is an inducement for illegal immigration, and the GOP negotiator said. Yeah. Okay. To that. Here's HOGAN Gidley when an entire political party decides. Hey, here's a good idea. Anyone who's convicted of a crime? If if there are too many beds, we just let them out into American communities, and here's another idea we're going to prevent ice from protecting the American people by arresting known creek, convicted criminals. I mean, the sanity of that proposal. I think quite frankly is facing extreme backlash. It isn't saying whether or not there. If there's any backlash. I don't know. I don't know if they simply White House spin because most people will not get down into the weeds and actually take a look at it and saying, wait a minute. This is nuts. Unless you're listening to this show right now, you may think well, all right? They give them money. That's it end of the deal. No, even money, and they limited the number of beds available which means basically the size of the prison. The size of the holding area. Whatever it is. In which you can keep potentially criminal illegal aliens. Well, once you've exceeded that number then what? But that's the deal the Democrats cut and the GOP negotiator said. Yeah. It sounds great to me. The president is pretty skeptical about this have to study. I'm not happy about it. It's not doing the trick. But adding things to it. I can tell you that am I happy at first glance. I just got to say it the answer is no, I'm not I'm not happy. But am I happy with where we're going? I'm thrilled. And that's the president yesterday in the Oval Office. New says he doesn't think there's gonna be another shutdown even though multiple government agencies are no set to run out of money on Friday. He's also hit. He's trying to rearrange money with the federal government in order to fund a border wall with Mexico. Now, it's not quite clear where the money's gonna come from. The does have the executive power to do this to declare an emergency. The Democrats are now saying may declare the emergency. But he's still has to have us. Sign off on it. And that's going to be an interesting fight. I think actually they should go ahead and declare the emergency and then immediately filed suit anywhere, but the ninety ninth. Because the Democrats filed suit they're gonna file suit in the ninety ninth. And that means that we know odds are how that's gonna turn out. It is an incredibly left of center judicial area. Dick is next up for ten AM six eighty diverse show. Good morning. Well, good morning. I call just because like you. I'm sure you're tired of the democrat names for the for the wall. That's necessary. As I am so far though what I've listened to is the Democrats call the wall immoral fourteenth century mediaeval unnecessary, and it doesn't work. And if it doesn't work it would probably be the first one in the world that doesn't work because the one between Israel and Palestine works. Great. The ones that are up between countries in Europe were the ones that protect the politicians around our homes work. So, you know, I'm just tired of hearing it at I feel great discouragement at what we let we shouldn't be using the term negotiated it what we caved into. Yes. Exactly. I mean from from where I'm sitting Shirley looks to me like the Democrats won this one big that for some reason, although the GOP has the majority in the Senate, and thus the ability to stop any of this nonsense, if it were to so choose the Democrats have the majority of the house said, well, this is one point three five billion one point three seven is we win and the Republicans said, wow, that sounds like a great compromise. Thanks, guys. We just got a bad deal and. The president in sexing. We'll just draw more disdains from the Democrats who put up the candidates are putting up now as though they would be a whole lot better while it'd be a whole lot better in establishing a socialist state. This is really interesting to watch, but this disappointing. Well, I'll tell you the you begin to think if the president signs this the Democrats are going to use this as a weapon against him in the twenty twenty run you'll have democrat candidates are running saying we provided money through the constitutional process. And this man is such a meglomaniac that he ignored congress and appropriate of money that was needed. Elsewhere. We have to stop this runaway government. This is the kind of just expected in will happen. That's absolutely, right. There is one. And that is the president signs disdains this deal and finds a continuing resolution which takes us to the end of September. Then they go in next year's budget. There's I think twenty two billion dollars worth of democrat goodies that expire next December. And he may well hold those goodies hostage for for what he wants whatever it is. Well, the problem is that if you if you sign a CR continuing resolution through September that takes this issue off the front burner completely. And there is a fair bit of public sentiment. Right now. Majority of the American people actually think that a a wall a physical barrier where appropriate on the southern border is a good thing. And that's not just fifty five miles of board of border wall in Texas. You also have other states involved, California, New Mexico. Arizona you have illegals crossing and all of those areas on a regular basis. And we're not gonna do anything to slow down the flow there, then illegals will do exactly what the last a bunch of the Honduran hord did. And that is they'll just walk west. They'll cross at at San Diego or the cross where the desert in Arizona or New Mexico and what have not enough border patrol agents to chase them all down dick Ralph. We can't handle the detainees because they want wanting custody beds bed space available for convicted criminals that I think we ought to have the ability to release them into the United States in California. I think that we should just arrange for them to have a bunk in the front yard of every democrat politicians in favor of this nonsense. I like them dig thanks for your call four one zero WCBS six eighty toll.

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