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Grand Prairie, Texas Really cars near the facility also caught fire. No word yet on the cause for any injuries. White House Corona, virus Response coordinator on a where your mask tour of several states. Dr. Deborah Berg's who met with health officials in Missouri Tuesday, saying it doesn't matter what political ideology you have that you should wear a mask can practice social distancing. We all want to believe our family members are neighbors couldn't possibly have Cove it I can tell you across the United States that they do. Missouri is one of several states the Dr Burke's. He's visiting an urging states in the Midwest to doom or to stop this. Right of Corona virus. Missouri amid more testing has seen an increase in cases where Republican governor Mike Parson also says that personal responsibility outweighs virus mandates. Jeff Man. Also Fox News, one of the two men convicted in the murder of Michael Jordan's father will be released from prison. North Carolina's parole commission granting parole to Larry Demery, but his release won't come until three years from now. James Jordan was killed during a roadside robbery in 1993, a longtime funny man whose brother died from a drug overdose. Announcing a surprising new career actor and comedian Jim Belushi has had a career in TV and films. But tonight he plans to introduce his fans to another venture of his He's growing pot for money. Belushi will be the focus of a series on the Discovery Channel and will show the operations of a lucrative marijuana farm he owns in southern Oregon. Belushi's crop is intended to be used medicinal E, especially for pain management, and he's been a long advocate of the product that has been slowly legalized. Evan Brown Fox News that I'm Jack Callahan. This is Fox News on the air and online at Katie okay dot.

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