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The global supply chains to make the shells appear more full. Derek Spindler says his family has had to space out the boxes. Inside Mr Sweeper, so in back in West Roxbury usually would take about a week to get those but it took months to get them. Spindler says. A lot of their products contain parts that come from China, Taiwan and Germany. And shipping delays caused by the pandemic have been a nightmare. Stephen Miranda at Atlas True Value in West Roxbury says it is still hard keeping his shelves stocked, especially when people are more focused on home improvement. You know, it could be anywhere from a couple of weeks to some of my distributors. We're saying we won't have things until next spring, Miranda says. A lot of the factories that produce their products are still running at a reduced rate. Now some of the sellers they also warn comic grocery items could, you know, see a price increases? Results costing more to get things to stores these days. Yep. It does, And it's going to for several more months, but hopefully hopefully there's light at the end of the tunnel. 6 38 jump in here at 51283605 90 have you felt have you gone and made a grocery store run and felt I'm guilty for not ever looking at prices. I don't and it's not that I don't I just don't It's not that I can afford anything I want already just don't have a habit of really paying attention of the prices of any food out of my by, do you do you do break it down? I look. Yeah, of course. Yeah. Yeah, so I don't know. And you know, in other words, I don't know if we're feeling it when we go to the grocery store or go to anything. I honestly couldn't tell you and and that's probably not good. That's why I'm not in charge of the finance. What's going on in the world man? In the world. Yeah, in my world. Listen, I went to a great This place is not new, but it's a great place to me A great place to me in a new place to make called docks backyard last night, and I want to give them a little bit of love this morning because Just a really great place to hang out. It is on Brody near Brody Loot near to 90 out in Sunset Valley, Right in the heart of Sense that valley out there, Nero kill. And I think they've been there for a few years. I had never been there is this great kind of open air place under big oak trees? Great place to sit under a big oak trees with, you know your friends and family and a picnic table and get some great. Just kind of excellent, actually. Pub food. You know, your wings your burgers here. Your what? Your Whatever. Great drinks had some Mexican martinis last night, which were solid or on point, as they say, and it's just a good hang out. I want. I want people to go there. Check it out because it's a great place. I want to go there sometime. Just spend a Saturday afternoon. They're in a great place. Obviously for kids, they got to, you know, play escaping all that stuff. Just great family. Place and good sports places. Well, but it's Doc's backyard. I want to give a little love this morning. There you guys they gave us in love with some good food and drinks last night. Yeah, the docks. Backyard Grill. Yeah, eat. Drink docks dot com is their websites. They got food to go to they doing all that? Of course, there's yeah, of course, the course the doing all those young man, but to a great place to watch the game, a great place to sit and watch your kids fall off of a jungle gym. It looks like they got some cheesy tots. It looks like you got a dish. It has some kind of cheesy types with some banking bit scribbled on the top of it. I had your look it I had some of your, you know, I mean, this is not an uncommon deal. But man, they do it better than I've ever had It just chicken wrapped with bacon. And buffalo sauce and jalapeno. You know what? I'm talking? They got the John Daly. Have you heard about this? Drink that John Daly taste like cigarettes, cigarettes and regret. Now, what is it? Well, you know how to write a restaurant with you Don't you don't know what is the John Daly? It's the deep any sweet tea vodka, Freshly squeezed lemon juice infused with rosemary. Honey, Come on. It's not the way you described it at all. That's a long way from 6 41 tied and don show. Pay attention business owners and managers does your business currently used in I t help desk. Are you tired of the slow response.

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