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I don't want oversell this because I haven't heard it yet. But if you're just joining us, STAN Van Gundy is a liar. Stan Van Gundy. We mailed him. A tee shirt to wear today that is of David Stearns face with a clown knows. We were talking about this during the Super Bowl when barstool and they've got that shirt with Roger Goodell and a clown nose. And we didn't know if Sean Payton was wearing that under his shirt, and when we were having that conversation, I believe STAN Van Gundy promised that he would wear that shirt. So we have mailed it to him. And now he is just I mean, just a chicken just it's terrible. And so Mike, I don't want oversell this, but Stu gods? What should be the stakes here on? If we provide proof that STAN Van Gundy did indeed agree to do this. He's gotta wear it for multiple shows instead of just one show. I mean, that's I think that's fair. Right. Gotta wear for a week. Gotta wear it everywhere around and they're all platforms. There have to be stakes to this whereabouts. No matter what you play. I'm not gonna trust you because you guys Dr audio all the time as evidenced by really hot Brooks is an idiot. Said you said it again did not. You guys are the worst. All right. Well, no, we're not the worst. You're the worst the worst word. And so let's Mike I want to know what the stakes are though, there have to be consequences. He can't be. I can't believe STAN Van Gundy as gods like weasel trying to get out of this bet that he already agreed to stick. Insult Stu guts. Because of me. I mean, you were just the catalyst. He was going to do that. Anyway, it's the formula. Stan don't they? Without further ado, here's the undocked possibly if we were to send you a shirt of David Stern with a clown nose. Would you wear it on ESPN news for us? Yeah. I probably would. I'm not worried. I certainly wouldn't be worried about offending David Stern. I mean, who's one of the most thin skinned people that I've ever been around. That is doctored staying, no, that's not dot. I remember that. You're right. All right. So now where are we now? We've got you bought, you know, for the moment, I've had time to think about it. I I wouldn't do it. Now. Let's listen type probably okay. Take that out. Mike. I want to point out the hypocrisy of this. Because Mike, I want you to listen to STAN Gundy in his own words, not doctored saying flatly, he's not afraid of David Stern..

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