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This man in Madison says he's feeling good. I haven't had any side effects or repercussion from it or not. Wisconsin is al vaccinating those 65 over in addition to those currently eligible for the doses under CDC guidelines and Alabama inmate last night, won a reprieve from a scheduled lethal injection after the Supreme Court said the state could not proceed without his pastor in the death chamber. 51 year old Willie B. Smith. The third was sentenced to death for the 1991 murder of a 22 year old woman in Birmingham. Some people aren't happy with the fencing set up around the U. S Capitol grounds. Following last month's deadly violence, D. C. Congressional delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton is introduced the no fencing at the United States Capitol Complex Act. That comes as a temporary razor topped fence surrounds the grounds and Capitol Hill. Police recommend a permanent fence go up. But Holmes Norton says a fence would transform our democracy from one that is accessible to one that is exclusive and fearful of its citizens. Some residents abandoned together in a group called Don't Fence, the capital. Founder Allison Cunningham. It does impact the character here, but it's also the character of our country and the character of our capital. And what message that sends around the world. Burnell Capitol police say the fence has to stay is they investigate security failures that led up to the January 6th fry it in Washington Chill NATO FOX News Bob Bavarian court found a folk singer guilty today of violating Germany's district child labor laws for having his four year old son perform on stage with him during an evening concert. 39 year old Angelo Kelly was find the U. S equivalent of about $3600 for the summer concert in 2019, where he brought his son on stage to sing what a wonderful World officials say the appearance violated the country's Youth Labor Protection Act. Kelly says he plans to appeal I'm rich Dennison,.

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