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This is the best time bomb show podcast on beyond hamilton has fractured kneecap out for the year sad story he overcame so much for another injury and now his season over this is a tough stats a look at or or to think about if you're in alabama fan lawyer better players hamilton lewis miller mac wilson fitzpatrick banged up in the game it was a very difficult game now the now the only other part of that would be the alabama has about as much or more depth as anyone in in the country met zina's joining us from a all dot com matt always great to catch up with you good to see recently in tuscaloosa so give us a give us a report i mean we we know what alabama's lost but in terms of depth will how what type of shape are they am the depth is going to be tested first of all just in terms of what they've also took her state and confirm today that sean tian hamilton being yep erie underwent knee surgery yesterday in the fractured kneecap as you mentioned that he suffered during the course of the game against lsu that's the most significant injury from that game but they also lost net wilson a assault moore who it really become a playmaker for them and a situational capacity lost team to a foot injury he also win underwent surgery yesterday and according to coach saved and we'll be out in a range of four to six weeks which i guess put him.

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