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It was hard very hard. And Berlusconi House. He spending his New Year's Eve. He's sitting at his villa at our corey, the one his fixer stole out from under a teenage girl who just lost her parents he sitting with as Rembrandt's his frescoes self-portraits. And he's doing. It's been two years since he's had to step down as prime minister, his legal and financial situation is more precarious in ever the magistrates led by yield of the red have breached his inner circle. Silvio Berlusconi needs a comeback. He needs to be prime minister again and this time he's GonNa. Get it right. That's on the next episode of Banga. From wondering, this is episode three of eight of Boom Bunga. You can subscribe to Bunga Bunga on Apple podcasts or you can listen early and add free by joining wondering plus in the wondering. and. The episode notes you'll find some Lincoln offers from our sponsors. Please support them another way you can support the show is by filling out a small survey at wondering dot com slash survey. I'm your host Whitney Cummings I host another podcast. You should check out cold good for you Alexander steelers book is called sack of Rome. Benjamin Gray wrote this story associate producer is Liam Oh Mattioli additional reporting by Julia. Fact checking by Jacqueline Colletti managing producer is Lata Ponta. Sound Design by Jeff Smith are executive producers are George, lavender Marshal Louis, and her non Lopez for wondering..

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