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High school in out Oakland little bit later on. So a basketball team as you mentioned Bill Russell a little bit later on Paul Silas was on the basketball team at that high school and MC hammer went that high school. Wow. I was I've got into this lately. And we need to beef up the crest line page because crayon only lists two people and their notable alumni. But I went through this with my gaze Brown and Jack Harbaugh. I went through this with my dad recently for his high school Atlantic City high school, and then I went to my high school, which I need someone update their Wikipedia page. So I can get my name listed on there. But I what through and that's why I went to crest lines doing this. I'm like I've got to look up Frank Robinson's highschool saying, no, it wasn't just him and Bill Russell. And that's an amazing list of layers that went to that high school. You gotta do me a favor now, I'm asking for favor. Find out maybe we can't do it today. Maybe we have to do it at a later and later broadcast podcast, but Johnny Mathis was involved with that high school, and an athlete at that high school at the same time as as as Frank Robinson and Bill Russell you're talking about the singer Frank Johnny Mathis. He was you know, let's see I'm looking up, but see is moved to San Francisco. So he was in the bay area. But it doesn't say anything about a high school. So we're gonna have to do some research on that. But. Apparently, he during a college meet he beat Bill Russell's highjump number was at the university of Nevada. That's my connection, but they both. They were both all around athletes, obviously out of the bay area. So they same timeframe maybe not seem high school, but same timeframe in that in that era. So I'm going to be so proud of myself. That's pretty good though. That's good because I didn't get the load. Great stuff to open up the podcast coming.

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