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Jim launched his investing career. I think quiz. Jim on what actions have led him to become a billionaire how he judges worthwhile risk greatest setbacks and lastly how jim positions himself to profit from a sector which as identified as having great potential upside. Now ask this knowing. Jim's currently pacing big bets on alternative meat and dairy products and disruptive agriculture of briefly summarized some of. Jim's forty year investing crear just here and we talk about parts during the podcast. Also if you'd lock further dato. I do encourage you to read gyms wikipedia profile which all link in the shower nights and now folks i present to you special guest. Jim mellon jim. I know you've done many interviews over the years and it's quite possible that you're a little bit bored of speaking about this but it is pretty rare that i get to sit down with someone who has amassed a fortune like you have so for someone like me and of course. I'm speaking on behalf audience here. I'm naturally very curious about the path you talked to get there and really just how the hill you did it. So probably the starting point few was you'll move to hong kong. We became a fund manager. I mean how did you wind up in that position. Like had you done any investing prior to that no toe very much like at a similar job today so basic left university walk before and after university at she they had something in england at the time goal the milk ground when the companies would come to universities and interviewed evil and use either be offered jobs. Not i was off the job with clock shoes which is now bankrupt. Birth jebron factor and stockbroker in the city of london. Still gang actually. I'm ben i also for the job by this obscure little company in hong kong and i took hong hongkong one because i really wanted to go to the seas on i have. I didn't know what a bombed walls didn't really know what a stock was. The wasn't some sort of online co standup could educate me the wilson sort of stock markets for dummies notice of the books that they have now. There was nothing so i turned up. They a suit. I sat in with turning on the people. Big saranda will and that was. It ought to believe that fox was the way of communication those days. The was that whole market terminal for the japanese stockmarket jiwa on. Are you tapped in numbers shady. While the price walls some basic information but offer matt that was none of today's Accoutrements in terms of trading management or analysis amend about a year into that The same company in san francisco night sent there and that was a great opportunity kosovo. Us market was on its knees title huge recovery and it was the stopped the big technology boom that role for the with and so i think those a huge element of Erin in it wasn't a sort of self made. Jenny was just a lucky coincidences. The main. yeah. I guess he did take that big step of moving from the uk to hong kong to take a job which you had really no idea that you would be taking up until that point. What sort of fund was it like giving you had no prior investing experience. What kind of things. But you investing in. And will you like pressing the button to bossaso. Ask a question so basically the company was called. Gt management on. It's still exists today.

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