President Trump, Earthquake, Oklahoma discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Donated a lot of money to bail out the promises fans gathered inside the nineteen thousand C. B. okay center for what was believed to be the largest indoor events in the country since restrictions to prevent the cove in nineteen virus began in March Rachel Sutherland boxes and in keeping with his law and order campaign theme the president said we ought to come up with legislation that if you burn the American flag the one year a magnitude four point two earthquake shook northern Oklahoma on Saturday and was felt in parts of Tulsa as protesters filled the city's downtown streets after the president's campaign rally no damage or injuries reported the standoff between Attorney General William Barr of the top federal prosecutor in Manhattan isn't it the prosecutor Geoffrey Berman stepped down Saturday after barber grief his deputy could replace him and usually the Belmont Stakes is the third jul in horse racing's Triple Crown but fitting with this very unusual year it was the first leg of the twenty twenty series and was won by a New York for a cold is the law before an empty grandstand because of the corona virus is the wall indeed America is listening to fox news eighty you've been camping in your backyard.

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