Russia, President Trump, Putin discussed on Duncan Trussell Family Hour


They will they look at shit like this with and they're like you guys don't get it man like you don't get how fast this can have this can change like you don't understand that's the problem because you've never had happen but russia whose can happen things can happen man like bad bad fucking things can happen real quick in a blink of an eye right unexpected all we need what are we need all we need is one large scale nuclear attack in any partly smuggling a fucking suitca snooka dude a dirty bomb right right or any of this shit all that all there that's the only thing that has to happen in the moment that happens then what is going to stop trump or any president really but trump because he's the president right now from declaring martial law suspending elections arresting people in the news media for supporting terrorism it can happen like that man and i don't know about you but i'm not i'm not ready to go out in the streets and in start like a civil war low no i'm not ready for that at all right and then instant any kind of look at an you realize oh what could happen like one of the things that keep the dea could happen is that actually trump really doesn't go away he just becomes putin and then the united states kinda becomes leica kind of eastern bloc country over time like me making it like you we don't get rid of him he's an oligarchy and he's in there now and it's like he's not getting out good luck getting me out what do we think i'm going to fucking leave why would i leave i'm not going to fucking leave i'm not going anywhere i'm just gonna hire somebody to stage some fake attacks in different parts of the country i'm going to rigged the election i'm going to dig my fucking heels in and get ready get ready because the next fucking president if i die it's going to be a fucking trump run it's going to go all the way down to barron fucking trump and worse assessment have.

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