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Or the community members, or what does it mean to lose that many people that quickly so the story kind of came from the questions of like what does it mean to be important only to yourself what does that? What does that look like and still I I've always just been circling this. I've done a lot of research the the the. Cock nine became came from reading up on some of the people who had been on that flight in some of this week's that came out later. So then this question of what is the dignity of debt was something that was circling anyhow. I got a lot of things. It's like ten years to figure this out and I've loved the phrase clap when you land dominicans a when we land in it's popular in the Caribbean. It's popular Latin America the joy, the acceleration of like we made it. We're here and also like we're on this metal thing that's in the air that at any point could probably faulk and I think a lot of. Of carry that there's a lot of fearfulness still in the traveling back and forth between the Dominican Republic in the United, states and so the title kind of arrived long before the story, but I knew I wanted to capture that relief that miracle, but also those fear that exists flying. We are both saying that It changed our perspective on the the phrase clap when you land because like in the past book. Why is everyone clapping and this like? It was so joyful that they made it after you know it was. It was the first time on an airplane and you know. They lost her father on on a plane, so I don't know. Something that Becca and I both loved with this book was that after a couple of chapters we didn't even need to look and see like which sister was speaking and I. Think we're really curious about how you went. About developing their voices was one of them based on you. Oh, I appreciate this question, grades I people have a lot of feelings about the dual narratives, and whether they think it works or not trying to be really thoughtful around. How can I give enough cues to the reader? That I'm not going to constantly be interrupting? You didn't want it to be super loud at the top of the page I this mean. Fell clumsy in what I hope was an overlap in entangling of stories. I didn't want it to be too easy. These are still girls that were raised by a parent who would've offered them something that they might match onto right, so they have similarities but Camino speaks in longer sentences sheaves intersex choose. Someone who has a lot more. Than you hire us. When I was thinking of her. I'm thinking of my cousins and my family members and DR and the quick phrases they use the observations. They make base awful where they live in what they know, so you'll see that. Amino has a lot of references to the ocean water to to San Islands to what it would disconnect being being surrounded by water. Right like that is her kind of basis of language. Experience you hire has a lot more concrete a lot more short sentences right more. New York's the cotto very click and so I I wanted to be really thoughtful about the distinction between how their voices come through being in the. The sentence being in the grammar beating the shortness of lines feeding the line breaks that each sister would make, but I did write the book entirely you high risk perspective long before I realized Amino, would story and so it is important to note that part of the construction of this novel was completed in one voice in the going back in feeling something in giving them the Camino, or are really chiseling that voice to be sharper once I realized there was gonna be a contrast, so there's a lot of voice work that I had to do to feel like this was ready, and let's talk about writing and pros vs writing in verse this Book Is. Think less fewer words on a word count basis, but wasn't more effort to write this, or how did it come out of you? Every book is hard I waiting for the day when I'm like I've arrived. I've got this like. There's a machine in my like. The project every project and maybe it's because I'm choosing to do that right, but the next was kind of. Can I hold three hundred sixty eight agents of poetry in my head, and the answer was no right. I had sue gets to draft like four five before I could fold flat because I couldn't always remember like. How did this extended metaphor work in the beginning? I will be going back to see. How could fully you later or I? I would forget I would be right in realize. Oh, the best friend hasn't appeared fifteen pages because it's not the traditional storytelling so much of it is for had. And I thought pros would be so much easier, right? I'm like okay I'm scared of sentences that I'm going to figure this out so I started with fire on high, and you see that it's kind of short prose. Almost prose poems like this little two page chapters, because a part of my training as a poet is driven. And so it was hard to break myself out of bad habit of. Sticking inferiority already. Yeah, like no way plot Liz. You can't just have these girls feeling for fifteen. which in he can get away with just like? You know contemplation and I think I did it improper newland. She has this long section about her girlfriend. This is the hiring that she comes back and it's like I'm saying all of this I don't have to say my father's Day. I can allow myself the room to really look away and then comeback. Some pros in. It heals clumsier to do that both ahead to teach self flight more seamless ways to kind of create those hinges. Yeah, but that was difficult, and then I came back to versus Portugal. Thing I got this and decided to dual narrative. How do you create distinct voices when I have a very clear poetic? Yeah I which I think. It's back to your question. Greece of either me I would say no neither one. There were questions that both sisters have that I've certainly had as a first generation, Dominican? There are a lot of questions.

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