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I you gotta you gotta think and I'd love maybe like a hitting coach or or somebody really familiar with hitting to go through some of his at bats and figure out where their pitches that he laid off that that he needs to be attacking for eight and a half, and and maybe getting himself in. There was your pitch. Now, you're deepen the count, and you're gonna get more junk, and you're either gonna flail or get the walk. So that that is interesting maybe amping up your aggression a little bit which might seem kind of productive for what you're saying. Makes a lot of sense with have. All right. Let's move onto Jake clam. This is one of the ones that I'm probably going to take another shot on. I understand. I do jersey my girlfriend scooped up for me. She's like, I thought the jersey look cute. And you've said this guy's name before do you want this? So I got you this jersey. I was like great love it. I love Jake lamb in sixteen and seventeen when he was popping twenty nine and thirty homers. Here's hoping for a bounce back. And and it is a cool. It is a cool jersey that I came around on the Diamondbacks new stuff, by the way when it first came out the like dark grave like dano slickened stuff where it was like that fade. I didn't like that. But just this like the white shirt like the one I have that has like the blue trim and everything that's tight. I liked that a lot. So anyway, not here to discuss the jersey. Let's talk about Jake, Glenn, obviously need health. That's why it's abounds back gamble. So if the shoulder has has health, and he's playing we've seen thirty homers, basically twice twenty nine and thirty. I don't see any reason why we wouldn't see it again. He's going to be at first base. So a little bit more. Out of harm's way in terms of defensively. You know, if you're still on the field, you can still get hurt. But I kind of like them at first not having to throw as much. I'm pretty excited about J glam at his price right now, which is to sixty eight I think it's a gamble. I'm going to be taken at the corner corner infield spots. What do you think about all rank glam? I think I will take the gamble a few times. I am worried about the about the shoulder because it obviously affected him grabbed everything I mean Rudo season go look at his stack cast numbers in and see the difference between while the exit velocity like was virtually the same like his launch angle. Just he couldn't he couldn't make the same motion with with his swing. And so as launch jangled dropped over seven percent. Which is massive for for a launch angle. All the stats took huge dips. It just he just wasn't healthy. And the question is is he healthy now. And so I think this is one of those guys that as a potential to jump up a ton in ADP if he's healthy. So my recommendation is. Try to get a share before spring training starts just because it's really really cheap. And he could be worth one hundred picks more a month from now. So. Yeah. Absolutely. And he could spike up like we keep talking about who's the guy you always name. Oh, Michael Francke? If they have a Michael Franco, spring training break lamp is. Yeah. Yeah. If you clubs seven eight homers in spring that price is going to jump quickly because he does have the pedigree of two thirty. It's going to call it to thirty homers seasons. Yeah. People love rake clam. He's a fun player. He's in a good park. Even with the humidor, you can still you can still go yard there. Because we will. It'd be looking for a reason to take if he hit six home runs and spring training. Aren't you taking him over at auto Escobar? Yup. Hundred fix right there. So I mean that that's that's exactly what will happen. I mean, if he looks healthier you I'm gonna I'm just gonna throw some other names that you few looks healthy and spring training, and he's rocketing. The ball out of out of parks taking him over might me. Stockists? Yeah..

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