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For immediate response or recovery i so far as a map blaze been pointing out that i could even open his bag arm the storm eyes seemed like it's expected to drop as much as eighteen inches of snow and ice along the jersey shore enough to a foot and other places so i yeah map blaze the aware yesterday we said ten plus and it's also producing now is a money goes as saying heavy wind gusts low visibility and snow drifts of gone crazy there are the governor has a basically said that they're murder motorists should stay off the roads and though drivers will not be ticketed specifically for driving these conditions on our know you i tips right now if i was the governor and also the governor causal stayed off some thursday and also the state lawmakers are cancelled voting sessions for the day but you know what i think we're better of sometimes when the alarm making just stay home and do nothing to the arctic and vote on nothing because they need to just worry about lowering property taxes but that's another topic for another day but but the deal is that are going to be as we right now are with the state of emergency and and you see so david aarp what had was david i drove in and while he was driving in and you know basically with david are is that uh he he actually yeah gave me kony said it was really really bad out there so it just tell you crude a good to calm and i said okay no problem and so for david archer to do that and it's unprecedented for him to actually tell me to tell you guys stay home colon ira yeah that's a report near the border yeah yeah you know i i who aren't because i'm looking outside and i'm looking at my colleague on the driveway and you've got one cyber car toys grow would now and never got knocked on the outcome of the snow and.

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