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Hey, don't miss ion and company number one Duke and number seven Kansas highlight our big Monday doubleheader tonight, you're gonna get Zion out of the blue devils taken on Syracuse at seven eastern and then the fog Allen Fieldhouse with the longhorns and jayhawks. Don't forget that both games around the ESPN app. So you can watch from absolutely anywhere. And we'll get back to the football in a minute. But let me give you a couple of interesting NBA highlights from last night. Warriors Mavericks, did you know that Luca Danni has more all-star votes have Steph curry or Kevin Durant. And he wanted to why because he can just up like this look at the handles look at the alleyoop for Dwight Powell who could not showing you the entire repertoire last night at twenty six points, six rebounds, five assists, periods again. Nice. They'll give go taking it strong fluent it down. Let's give it the fourth quarter here because the Mavericks would have a five point lead. And Steph curry we get heated up. He was actually sensational had already hit nine threes. They're going to get it back to him here. This is ten three of the game. The warriors within two four minutes and change the way under two minutes. Now warriors or down to its current again. The floater tied at one fourteen Steph curry forty eight point zero turnovers under minutes ago curry again, yes. Three point lead left in ten seconds ago. Now Mavericks with the ball a chance to tie. The former warriors Harrison Barnes all No, win. you wins it off his foot and the warriors hold on to win it one nineteen one fourteen and what was a really good one last night out west. And as I mentioned Steph, forty eight points and no turnovers most points in his career in a game in which he didn't turn the ball over the also made a leban- threes seventh career game with more than ten. The warriors this week. We'll play the nuggets for first place in the Western Conference checking on the nuggets last night, take it on the blazers. And that's the big Nicola Yokich ease just not yoke and around second quarter. Denver down a deuce dramatic Murray. You'll get four of seven from three either both skilled big man, we have legitimate question. Look at the past little touch their Mason, Plumlee Yokich thirty two point eight hundred seventy six through three quarters this Doberman and now tied at one eight you'll catch more traditional big man stuff..

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