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James Taylor allowed gene Hackman's in that. Show Harried hdfs is in this Cisco Pike? A down on his luck former drug dealer is forced by corrupt LAPD policemen to sell one hundred kilos of confiscated marijuana and one weekend. Cisco Pike. starring. Kris Kristofferson. Karen, black and Gene Hackman. Some good people. No Howard Hessman doctor Johnny fever and a girl by the name of Aviv s just her name Viva and she plays Myrna. Oh. She looks like a Myrna. Not to be them, she's definitely a Myrna. That means ahead of wall with that one with Myrna. That first scene where they go to Willie's place. Is Pretty Cool Bow. Yes. Actually. That jumps really quickly into the acts. Yeah. That's true. It doesn't mess around. Did we talk anything about Stan Winston Nugget like his one of his first projects yen take that over real quick I will because I'm looking at it right now they actually won an academy award for Onum sorry as a primetime emmy because it's a TV movie. they want an emmy for makeup outstanding achievement in makeup del Armstrong, Ellis Berman. Junior and Stan wins. That's pretty awesome Yup and that's you know what stuck with me probably the most is how good the I mean. You know it's low budget, but the makeup, the Garg oil makeup is. Pretty terrifying. You know. Which is, what makes it so cool when you will get to when they actually talk it's a weird juxtaposition. I just stumbled across a bit of Trivia here that I didn't realize. Here. Says, Bernie. Casey's voice was replaced by Vic Perrin's voice and post production Because his natural speaking voice didn't fit the character of ahead gargoyles you like we said the voice is manipulated so much. I can't really tell who it is, but it is very creepy. I think you know because you see these thing. Well, let's we'll talk about that a little later on when we get to the actual Gargoyles, the titular gargoyles we can talk about it. Let's get moving just a little bit too. So's we called this'll statute that he had the Callum Odra column. Whatever Hey, you brought it up I couldn't find where read but it said that that demon is not listed always not an official demon as an actual demon right I guess he's still waiting on his papers so. If we could start a go fund me page for the Kalam Dra. His. Baseball card isn't worth hardly. Any right even with his signature right has he's not a real demon..

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