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The jim room podcast it's the truth is ohio state was not eliminated run the college football playoff on the first sunday in december they were eliminated on the first saturday in november when they lost of iowa fifty five twenty four lose to an average iowa team by more than four touchdowns and you can't complain the period the jim rome podcast subscribe at apple podcast and goo goo play twenty two earlier what's going to happen with north korea about the investigation into trouble be talking about it on the armstrong and getting old man some heavy stuff also some some fun let's not take life so seriously let's not hate people we disagree with we'll take a look at the news the issues the controversies the stuff you care about on the armstrong getty show during 2018 now weekday mornings tony in the armstrong and getty show the armstrong and getty show weekdays seven to eleven on eight sixty kkat ladies and gentlemen my moves in the morning ricardo word about on jawbone in the meriva lawn from the romanovs volusia that's said tumbler of your garden amalgam zarak even the bottom of the hour and mood clermont toronto again burt be proved not throw thoughtful oh god with my friends later on this morning my brain man hugh brothers got celebrate become an upset scout sports um but later on as one l.

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