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The passengers from Wuhan at my instructions there was not a single case of the corona virus in the United States on January seventeenth there wasn't a case of the fake news is saying all he didn't act fast enough well zero what happened because when I did actor was criticized by Nancy Pelosi by sleepy Joe Biden I was criticized by everybody fact I was called xenophobic I was asking by who to pleased to find that for me I was cold other things by Democrats and some others not too many others actually so that way by the media definitely now on January twenty first as long before the time we're talking because when Tony Tony stark and I believe he's talking about the end of February January twenty first okay still early there was one case of the virus at that time we called at the Wuhan virus right hi there was one case in the whole United States with one case is all documented all come from you a lot of it comes from you people on January twenty first the CDC activated an emergency operations center there was just one case one person that's why that it was such a funny there was one person in the United States you know they use it there's only one person that that said was made at that time one case in the whole United States one case I'm supposed to shut down the government the biggest the biggest economy in the history of the world shut it down we have one case seven cases were on January thirty first or January twenty first there was a case not one person had died there that's the right not one person so we have this massive country the United States of America we have the greatest economy in the world bigger than China's by a lot right because of what we've done over the last three and a half years prior to the virus but including the virus so we have the biggest economy the greatest economy we've ever had the highest employment numbers the best employment numbers best unemployment numbers also the best of everything so on January thirty first think of it not one person has died no one nobody that don't want John you I don't think you'll find any this is reported by CDC confirmed by the news which doesn't mean anything to me because they don't tell the truth but CDC reported January thirty first not one person has died and I issued a travel restriction from China think of it so nobody died in Asia you can get earlier than that so we have nobody died and I should China you can come in I'm sorry because I saw what was going on wasn't so much what I was told it was that I saw what was going on and I didn't like it what I didn't speak to Tony about didn't speak to very many people about it I didn't like it so what did I do ready January thirty first in the United States not one person had died because of the again the Wuhan virus so I issue travel restrictions on that date even though nobody died and I got brutalized over by the press because I was way too early I should have done it brutalized by the press but you know sort of I've been brutalized last four years I used to do well before I decided to run for politics but I guess I'm doing okay because to the best of my knowledge I'm the president of the United States despite the things that are said so then do first mandatory quarantine in more than fifty years we did first mandatory in fifty years the same restrictions that the Democrats and the media called xenophobic now Joe Biden said he is a racist this is because I said we're shutting down entry from China we're shutting it down he called me xenophobic and you call me a racist and other things since then on a Friday night two weeks ago Joe Biden issued as it was in a meeting right and I'm sure he doesn't even know that it was issued but the people from his campaign was smart people that write his little PR releases a pretty smart reasonably good nothing could best with an update but they issued a statement saying that Joe Biden agrees that the press that president trump was right to close it down to check now he did that how you should R. Friday night we've all heard about that John Friday nights right in fact his was later Friday night than I ever released mine on Friday nights okay so he did he did a pretty late I mean you know like at eleven o'clock in the evening or something else but do it anyway so Joe Biden issued and it's one of those things but in February Nancy Pelosi said we should come to China this is late February come to judge them we think it's very safe come here let's all have the big parade China number eight probably referred to San Francisco and that's it but.

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