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Tweets. All right. So we got three tweets here agreeing with John and three agreeing with the question being do you make a lot of a win over the giants? Fits the giants. Who cares? I Ryan Harrison candidate on the tax line with marks. Really you want against a really bad line and quarterback. There was only one player that came out to play. And that was the giants running back and he's still rain over the eagles. Like, it was a folks bunny cartoon not just start the parade. The giants are one in four Joe Cortec. I just rained ran down. The saints wins might be a good time to tell him that all three of the eagles wins have come against teams with just one win sunny seven to eight eight zero yo I usually on board with you. But we have three wins against one. When teams it seems to be a common theme here. Other side of it won't off point was if we're going to minimize the eagles wins. Why are we praising the saints for how great they are who they beat? That was the same thing. Bad teams as the people that agree with, Jamie. Davis say people can say what they want about the giants. But thought three of their five losses were by one score. This game was a huge momentum. Swing launch me. Mum. Fred beating up on. The giants is just what the doctor. Ordered running game still a work in progress. I would call Gruden the raiders to see if we can get beast mode. Add to this. I think four would do it. So that's another thought I think. In eighth round pick with. I'll give up a six and Shane John. You're like my girlfriend when we disagree on something. She says, I understand her point of view. It's not that we don't comprehend your point of view or follow your logic. We disagree because you're wrong. Okay. They have it. You sound like my wife that I held that common bag. Are you doing this weekend? Ben, you have any pumpkin. Data corn SARS. I am going to go to a flea market. The flea market that sounds about right. It's going to be called though, you able. Oh, that's right. You wanted it fifteen degrees. Well, that's not bad. You know, I even this. Today's too cold flea market taking at the flea market or an antique flea market. Go drink some hot apple cider. Oh, yeah. I could see that. It up on your couch. Cats. T shirt and your tidy white. He's on he's not watching college football. But I don't know watching something on the oxygen channel baby. I'm a compassionate competitive. Man. Yeah. See you at movie of the week as well. See you doing tomorrow, Ben? Acknowledgment? Any woman rapid fire that you know, what that means everybody. It means you've got about thirty seconds. Eight eight eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four eight eight eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four we start with AJ plow AJ. How you doing guys? Hey, reducing storage. Shady returns, and total total plus on all sides, whose probably got their PR department trying to figure out how to make it work because there is some negativity. That's been expressed by other members of the Philadelphia Eagles community. It'd be a win win say my man, I tell you this. You're not wrong with what you said. By the way, I think shady shady would be happier be traded here than people being happy that shady was traded here. You get what I'm saying there. Yep. What's the what's the what's the immediate reaction? I think fifty fifty is it fifty fifty. Yeah. Because he certainly would help you. He would certainly help you. I I don't think that he's not the shady that we saw here before right for the rest of the season. He's an upgrade of racing that you have. I think bottom line is. I think people football people would know that. But I think bottom line is when you hear the name shady McCoy right now. How does it make you feel? Do you still was the first thing that come to your mind? It's not football. Right. Are you thinking about what he did Mongols? And this that other are you thinking about some of the stuff he's been allegedly involved with all to feel when he was here. The the nightclub stuff. We that's nice to worry. That's the stuff that pops up in some people's heads. I and that's legit. It's legit. In in AJ said the listen, the PR department has to be ready ready for it. And they have to have a they have to have a strategy for what they're going to do. Let me tell you this. And they're also investigating Dom out there. Whatever we talked about what the players reaction would be if they lived on Twitter or or GATT were that the was traded lay beyond bail. Everybody's still in the party, right? Sadie that news broke that the eagles traded for shady. I don't know if I can necessarily say everybody would be happy with that. Why don't I don't know would because of all the stuff. I gotta tell you man, listen, and I've said this, and I'll get in and get out quick with this. The stuff with the ex girlfriend. Whatever happened all I know is if he had anything to do with that. Anything to do with that and any way, shape or form? I'm done done. Yeah. I done. I can't he hasn't been convicted. And he he he he is there's been no crime that he's been charged with. But there's just too much too much smoke where there's fire. I mean, there's there's too much stuff out there. I wouldn't be comfortable bringing him, and I just wouldn't. Yeah. Listen because you know, what's going to happen the pitches that that young lady will be brought up again. And what she what she put on it like everything gets rehashed. It just doesn't in the middle of your season. I don't necessarily know if you want that in the middle of your season. No, you don't know. You don't want that distraction. You really don't. Because now the players have to answer questions about him being on the team. So. Again. That one would be I think we'll get a different reaction from teammates are players than the lady. I'm bells new news. Just you know, what it would be ugly ugly. If he came here just among the fans, and the media and everything else it wouldn't be what I'm looking for right now. Which is I want to I want to feel good about you. And I think a lot of people feel that way Edinburgh. He's hi, Ed. Hey, how are you? Sorry question. So in terms of bringing down bell, which is I'm all in favor for but how much is it gonna take number one? And you can even block for him. You know, and lasting. What is it? You know, we're gonna have to break the Bank soon with win how much it's gonna cost to retain him. I mean, we don't know if they would retaining at we don't even know if they would do that. I mean, kind of rent them out. Yup. Yeah. Because believe me there'll be a lot of players that won't be here next year. So would be any different than a lot of these guys that won't be here next. Let me let me say this because I think a lot of people including me. I think that this is just they can't afford them in the future. And maybe they they try they try to be creative. But ultimately, they're bringing them in for this year. But maybe how he Roseman says this is an offensive league. I need weapons around my young quarterback and levian bell is a weapon that I want maybe running back valued in the NFL like they used to be. But I don't feel that way. And if I get a chance to get a top guy an elite player on doing it. So we don't know. What would how he really thinks? I agree with you on that. And we talked about players that won't be here in the type of money that'll be freed up. I just get Nick foles off the cap. Frees up what thirteen million if he wants to do it. He'll be able to do it without a doubt. Are you picking from the because we have to we have to select the winner, Ben you have all the names in a in a hat. So so we've been doing it coming up. All right. So we'll take one more phone call. And then we'll do it. Let's go to Terrence north Philly. Terrence. Gone. All fellas. Always a pleasure. Before you. It'd make more festive bringing the shady who has a twenty twelve hundred yard seasons in the last couple of years, then the bringing the love that you can't refine. And and and you have four players that maybe two out of the four. We mean, we need the reselling by the end of the season. But at the end of the day, if you bring another show McCoy for fifth round pick, you could still have maybe have enough to fill that. Void. Maybe I y maybe in the secondary. Maybe you can't feel what the voice if you believe. Yeah. No. I hear you there. I can't even say when you say filling another boy, what void are you fill in an NFL trade deadline. It's not like baseball where the bat off the bench and you'll get another starting pitcher. If there's anything that happens. Normally, there's one thing that happens thought, it's not unusual that there's a whole bunch of flurry of trade, and you're right and players of the stature of. Labianca or shady don't necessarily become available all the time. So even if you say, well, we need some corner help. Well, I'm sorry. If somebody is the Jags about the trade. Jalen Ramsey to us. So unless like what if you felt you need safety help where we're where are you getting to safety from right that you're going to be satisfied with all certainly a corner. I can't imagine there'd be a corner available. You're gonna trade assets were the two guys that are there. Maybe there's a safety grand grand isn't coming back or he's just he's her like years right now. And my ex isn't doing the job corps Graham hurt he didn't play. He was out. He he'd hamstring. Wow. I didn't even realize that it. Russell was back there planning safety. It was it was one. Yeah. It was. It was one of those games where? It was one of those games where they didn't really get tested because alike. To go down to feel you don't want to take anything away from him. But it was it was just kind of one of those games where the giants were terrible. And they took it to him got you. Yeah. But it it Sidney Jones play this week. Russell may have to play safety. Steps up there in into the slot. All right. We're giving away a a a great price here on the Markson reshow honorary captain at the eagles and Panthers game tickets, sadaqa jersey and to sideline passes to hang out with me. And how Michael I bend. You have the winner. The winner.

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