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That's one eight hundred eight four eight WABC, and I was just reminiscing the other day with my son Antony Antony was fifteen I used to take him out to Coney Island in the summer. She was having problems sorta pronouncing words at the time. So we started with the trains in the train would take us right out there, and the I train other trains, and that's how he learned the alphabet and slowly came out of his cocoon. But I would always have to taking him on the rideshare at Dino's wonder wheel kit him the dirty water hot dog and the fries at Nathan's famous. And then we go up on the platform. It's still well avenue and Coney Island to catch the trains back. And I'll never forget they used to have a lot of workers when Rudy Giuliani was mayor, and they would be cleaning the trains at the last stop. They go in there. And they'd swab the deck. They'd be picking up trash. They be sweeping the trash out and preparing the train for the passengers who will loading in and he's Warren necessarily, the metropolitan transit authority the money taking agency members of T W U local one hundred paid for workers. They will people who were call web workers work experience program. It was called W E P and in order to get their welfare and food stamps. They would have to put in twenty hours a week as long as they weren't able bodied man able body woman, even if they had children, and they'd have to come out and get the subways subway, cough floors clean. And then they were taken care of by an MTA supervisor they had to keep them away from the other maintenance workers have the MTA. Khazei call them. Mm scabs they didn't want to have anything to do with. Hey, always like tween end. Right. There are no web work has. Now, you get your snaps. You just get you welfare. You don't necessarily have to go out there and to work..

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