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Authorities are not ruling out the possibility of a hate crime gonna try david thorne's still on the scene here investigators say a possible hate crime is one of the possibilities on the table right now two of the victims were black one of them was hispanic authorities had this point they're not ruling anything out david alex perez leading us off at a monday night now to new reporting here this evening after that awful helicopter crash here in new york city the final images of the five passengers killed recording their flight just minutes before the tour helicopter went down in the east river tonight the pilot the only survivor now saying what are the passenger's bag straps or a safety harness tether got caught on the fuel switch and we've learned the passengers were unable to free themselves from their harnesses quickly enough as that chopper went underwater abc's david curly's on the scene force tonight new images inside that helicopter flight smiles all around during takeoff just minutes later tragedy okay the sunset photo and sightseeing tour going down in the east river marine fix have one diver in the water the five passengers unable to escape the sinking chopper in icy waters it almost looked very surreal and next thing we know it's approaching the water slowly and then it just completely crashed and then sunk the low survivor the pilot telling us authorities that attender or part of a passengers harness snagged one of the fuel levers shutting it bleeding the engine of fuel tethers are used to allow photographers or in this case a coast guardsman to move around chopper in flight but the illfated flight may have suffered another disaster it was a quipped with floats used for emergency water landings but is the new york chopper nears the water the pilot says the right float fails to inflate properly the helicopter slams to that side if those floats had worked properly we would have had five people probably still alive the five passenger.

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