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Look to traditional blah, blah, blah. OK, round tables looks very hard to produce two hours television. But he's basically they sucked in the yesterday did in your face symbolism. Kasich began by noting Americans that crossroads while standing for Wait for it a crossroads. I didn't pathetic. I actually have a little cases. One little piece and I know you want a bomb in your mouth, you know, But here's his this loser. I'm sure there are Republicans and independents who couldn't imagine crossing over to support a Democrat. He looked like he was looking up at a flagpole talking to a flagpole or like looking at a drone. Those losers out in front of the riots in Chicago. Who is that? That, whatever TC All this pre recorded stuff. Ah, Here's a little more of this clown from last night case of many of us have been deeply concerned about the current path We've been following for the past four years. I don't know you place too much to heart. Listen to him. But there we go. Um He was one of losers and in the clapping. This is great. I love this. After Maggie Rogers performed on after Santa spoke, there was a full screen of people clapping to show their appreciation. I get the desire to have some sort of reaction. How Where does it want? Bullet politician gives a rousing speech and dead silence follows. But you know what's worse, Weird Post performs clapping via zoom like we saw Monday night, but that's what they're at their desperate But here's the thing. It's It's so bad. You know here. That's one of the best things to share with you Tonight is this You know what? The viewership Wass from night one last night from the year from four years ago. 40 to 50% declines What they say. They lost half the viewers this year from the four years ago. This is a look complete lost candidacy. It's over. There is no interest. They're either gonna VOCs. They hate trump or because they like Trump that if they're this thing has been decided. And when you hate somebody that doesn't win an election, it doesn't get the people of the poles with the pandemic. The peaky listens closely listening my theory with the pandemic. The people on the left of the ones who either pretend to be afraid of it or are afraid of it. You mean way unrealistically, right? They're not going to go vote. Nearly as much. In the whole male in thing and stuff like that, If they haven't done it before, it's less likely to happen. So I think that this is going to be a bad loss for the for this bad ticket. It really I do. I really do. Um Let's see. Here. Gingrich had some great Takes that I wanted to share with you. Let's see here. Oh, I love also what Marion Williams and the former presidential candidate that she was a disaster. But she said it was like binge watching in Marriot Commercial. Last night's DNC was like binge watching a Marriott commercial to which I've told you that it was like this. Hi. I'm William de vein. Informers. That's why I buy gold and silver asked me to. All right. Thank you..

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