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And listen there at talkin pets radio ki. Okay. I n radio right now, we're speaking with Ken foster, he is the author of city of dogs New York dogs their neighborhoods and the people who loved him, and Ken, I mentioned Jacqueline Woodson. What's her story about in the book? Well, Jacqueline Woodson first of all he's an amazing writer. She does a lot of young adult novels and children's books, and is someone that I've known and admired for for years. I mean, she was a dog person. So that's how she came to me as a possible subject. But in the book, she talks about growing up with a variety of animals in the house in Brooklyn. But being careful of German shepherds because one in their building was not particularly nice and ended up attacking her pet cat. And so she had a thing against German shepherds because of that which unfortunately happens to a lot of people when they have a bad experience with a dog of any kind. But as a adult at one point, a friend of hers rescued a German shepherd and couldn't keep it an ass Jacqueline to take care of it for a couple of days, and she'll completely in love with it decided to keep it named it mounts, and and fell in love with German shepherds. Basically, she now has a different second German shepherd who's got an older and a young German shepherd poodle mix named. Shadow. They were gonna name muppet because it looks so much like a muppet. So we talk with her in the book and also walked around her neighborhood in park slope and have this amazing picture of her and her two dogs right in front of these deco entry to the Brooklyn public library because she sort of starts the book off with this story. But also being a being a writer and storyteller as well. I see what you mean by the one dog the mixed berry actually looking up at because he really does. He's got long bushy hair. But he has the body and the walk of a German shepherd a very funny combination to see huge paws to..

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