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Incumbent Republican Matt Bevin and Democrat and he was sheer stocks ended the day mixed on Wall Street the Dow and the nasdaq closing at record highs the S. and P. falling three points Terry Alden or ABC news today's forecast mainly clear skies temperatures down in the mid forties sunshine for your Wednesday a little bit cooler eyes upper fifties Thursday increasing cloudiness lower sixties good chance of rain Thursday evening and overnight and then sharply colder but drier weather returns Friday from NBC to all this is meteorologist Jim Duncan for news radio I'm forty W. R. VA and now in ninety six point one of them trending Virginia Democrats are within one seat that is thirty seven percent that's lower than it was in the blue wave of twenty seventeen the latest at the top and bottom of the hour the rest of the nation is watching news radio W. R. D. A. is on the radio liberties voice mark love then with that voice now eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one let me see if I can help some of the media the Democrats in verse of vice vice a versa one of the same the constitution trumps any statute including a whistleblower statute the idea that the American people are just Irish and not participants in this process is an abomination it's unconscionable the constitution existed before any whistleblower let alone a whistleblower statute and we're all being played here ladies and gentlemen this former NSC staffer a Democrat Obama hold over tight with Joe Biden tight with the two NSC advisors who left the trump White House after having served in the Obama White House working for Adam Schiff who had colluded with.

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