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Sponsor this half hour is Goldline. There are a couple of stories that I pulled out today that I think are astounding when it comes to gold. There's a couple of things Venezuela is moving gold down to Turkey. But also there is a story out today that talks about how more gold has has been gobbled up. By the central banks than any time since one thousand nine hundred seventy two. That's kind of a big deal. That's kind of a big deal. Central banks. No things are changing and they're gobbling up because the US dollar. They all believe is going to lose its reserve currency status when that happens your world and my world change because the only reason why our dollar is worth so much is because the rest of the world has to have it to buy oil once that petrodollar goes away once the rest of the world says, you know, what I'm not going to bet on the dollar anymore. I'm going to go for gold. Your dollar is worth less and less until it is worthless. Please please do your own homework. We are at the precipice. This is the beginning of we're just approaching the tippy top of that roller coaster when it goes click. Click click click click just before it comes down. That's I think where we're at call Goldline now one eight six six Goldline read their important risk information and find out how easy it is. And if it's right for you to own gold or silver one eight six six one eight six six Goldline or Goldline dot.

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