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It's simple it's fun. It's the right thing to get by the way in Florida I would still go. I agree with you guys. I think Biden's more safe there. I think Bernie I if anything if you wanted to. You could just double him and then sell them. I mean he's got a twenty point lead some some polls have like twenty six. He's not GonNa win. Thirty thirty two year old Tampa Mannheim may have year AMMO Gwei food. No Seca. That's his last name's. Fourteen letters. Long was was arrested by the Tampa police. East Department Sunday for burning a fourteen year old in the back with a lit cigar so much he's been charged with aggravated child abuse Apparently People Oh had gathered to the home of the teenage victims mother to partake in a religious ceremony of the santuario religion. I don't practice century. Ah I got no crystal ball. xactly other The sensory religion originated in West Africa and then made its way to Cuba where became wildly popular and an often has hilarious ceremonies where the people try to communicate with deities via some form of smoke music with mainly drums shouting or combination of the above. I'm assuming that sounds as though much better than Christianity. I mean I had to show up to fucking like church and stand in the same thing basically I would like. We didn't have smoke in Shit at our church and drummer. Sometimes he's had like sometimes. These girls ceremonies get a little bit to let guys getting stars. Yes so Cuba. Scuba initiated a cigar aspect abaco liquor involved albin this so high may was ceremony and he claims that at one thirty in the morning a spirit possessed him so I guess the ceremony went well and made him burn the teenager with a cigar. Four that the spirit took out a Hamas pocket cut with Hamas Cigar Cutter and with Hamas. Later it's spirits. Name was Jack Daniels. Yeah that's what I said. I have an alternate theory. I'm thinking at one thirty in the morning that that might have been possessed by Jack Daniels or Jose Cuervo minds and he's never liked the fourteen year old of the boy of the woman he probably is. Sometimes data have used hugh saving up. This aggression Burns Mackenzie kid mouths off to a couple of months earlier. Wait he's like he's like again the deity saying you should send them the boarding school you save it up. I can afford that. Martin is probably more of a from occasion. Okay okay I like that. You're right. Yeah True Bacardi's possessed by Bacardi. According to the teenager he was not a willing participant in the ceremony. which involved a number of people standing in a circle sounds like a great living situation for him? He's trying to play fortnight in the living room and then twelve cycle paths around him in a Circle Smoking incense while holding hands and channing. He's like hey is is a. I'm going to have to sit the next batter. Royal out you see my mom's a priestess and she invited her friends over and they're starting to form a circle. It's like far Mitzvah around me around me practice. Tannery your man kids got to get out of that house. He does he needs. Yeah yeah that's a bad situation to grow up runaways. Yeah take it over to a lightning round of Walmart stores from Florida this week. Your the lightning bolt and I do not apologize for that church. I up thirty-seven-year-old. Emily Stallard in Hillsborough. County attempted to make a nail bomb and detonated inside a Walmart while she was with her daughter. Oh they the child was actually there to help her mother other make the bomb why he used a mason jar nails and other flammable materials to create a bomb But an off duty officer and a security guard stopped before she was able able to ignite the explosive and send nails flying through everybody inside the Walmart and her landlord thinks that she may be quote losing her mind or something so no shit landlord lady. It's going to be an interesting day back in English class for help when they asked that little girl what she did over her her winter vacation. I'm on a shot to Meghan. Pipe bomb I see the age. I have no idea like what what's going on with that. But yeah that's That's that's a bad situation. Small hands if she links up with. This is fourteen year old. That's going to be like a Bonnie and Clyde about that guys let's hope they never meet quite okay. We we should look at the counties. They're all right next up Walmart lightning round in winter haven Florida. There's a man on the run after he robbed a grocery cart artful of items from the local Walmart with the aid of his quote Unquote Hover. Shoes how man hover shoes. They're basically just self powered rollerblades. What a genius would they notice? I will said still on the run. Nice all right. You're not catch this motherfucker with hover shoes on. That's what I'm saying. Maybe maybe you might. But he's he's probably we easy to find considering he's like one of twelve people in two hundred mile. Radius with Azure legs. Aren't moving depending on how fast the hover shoes and a foot race. He's never get tired. It's true it's unlimited stamina. What's the fuel you know fuel through? I bet they're charged. Yes those uh-huh he's also in the neighborhood because they never a five hundred foot range they see anyone with a hover shoes around. Yeah he lives right here in this parking lot with them. Shopping Cart Bullshit right. Finally Florida Man. Thomas Fruit Acre twenty-five of Washington County Florida is awaiting trial for allegedly defrauding walmarts across the country entry for over one point three million dollars and overtly thousand stores impact. How do I just like with goods? I don't know now I guess maybe like a return scheme. Walmart is one of the Walmart and Nordstrom's the to mother people get scammed for return schemes. Most people because Walmart. You don't need a receipt right right. Yeah I don't either while it's like fucking well. This may have been just jackie items and returning them. All at one time turning hover shoes I bought what grand theft auto four one time from game stop and it had a scratch in it so I returned it to Walmart and they gave me a new brand new four. I have the generous return policy business proposal for Erica and Dave. I think that they should just fly us to Florida With a camera crew. Yep and drop us on Walmart. Yeah they're gonNA need to get US convert on there too like that. I meant I mean they do some over over a period of time to get the hang out. I want to go down there and get some ain't going to get. It writes itself a hair size. A hit record go down. There are guys finally West. Miami police officer has been fired from the force after are being accused of abusing the police departments trust with misuse of taxpayers money. See Back in two thousand eighteen officer Edgar Diaz went to his bosses and ask for a uniform former replacement waiver to get some new police pants. He was granted the waiver and he took it over to lose police supply but when he arrived at lose valence footage. Show that he wasn't alone. He had brought his father and family along for the shopping trip. And that's where the fraud began. See the footage shows Diaz handing the waiver to the clerk who in exchange hands a pair of slacks and India's then hands the slacks off to his father who takes them into a changing room to try them on and then as another clue clerk begin the process of getting them custom fit so it seems the slacks. Maybe we're not for Diaz but they were forced father instead so so when Diaz was confronted with the evidence he had a perfectly good explanation of what what transpired see. Diaz claims claims that upon his arrival at lose police apply he quote had pooped which is why his father became his surrogate pants. Tester see what investigators approach with the evidence has claimed that upon arrival upon arrival. He quotes soiled his clothing. While flagellating expelling liquid and solid fecal matter in his underwear. He did he did a whole mess. That's what he told the internal sharded an immediate new Panjshir exactly right when he got to lose with his dad. And Tau the Internal Affairs report goes on to say quote Diaz was extremely descriptive on. How bad the square new new shit yet? The report the report continues quote. He stated that he did not use the bathroom facilities to clean himself up even though he could feel the soiling to be wet solid I lose down and he stayed there. Oh yeah this is great surveillance footage. I'm just like strutting around or with.

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