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Saturday afternoon around three PM a fire was reported to Walla tosa fire department, a white Camry on the second floor of a parking structure was up in flames which put the hospital on a minimum lockdown closing the main lobby and the parking structure for a short time. The fire was contained to just that. One vehicle. Fire. Crews say the fire does not seem to be suspicious at this time. But the Milwaukee county sheriff's office is investigating some bright news on this cold day in Milwaukee animal control officials saving the life of a cat named Anna. Anna was found under a bridge almost frozen solid faces some quick yet deliberate warming techniques by local veterinarian seen Johnson and his life was saved. If you happen to see an animal outside during these cold temperatures take action the veterinarian who helped save his life spoke today C J four giving protocol. And what to do if you do see an animal in need. If it's a stray if you can safely pick it up pick it up and bring it to us, otherwise you can call us at one of our officers off the phone number for the Milwaukee animal control commission is four hundred four six four nine eight six four zero after failing to achieve their latest tax incentive by not hiring enough workers by January deadline Foxconn continues to move forward walkie business journal editor in chief Mark cast as the tech giant isn't worried. Things have changed and they're just not going to hire as quickly if they're still pledged thirteen thousand plays. They're still pledging to be a major presence there. They changing and really want to hire more engineers and more people who do research Foxconn hired one hundred seventy eight jobs eighty two short of their goal for the incentive and before today's brewers ondeck events, some player stopped by Milwaukee. Early to spend time with some younger brewer fans building stuff bears. The make Alicia foundation of Wisconsin, organize the event make a wish Wisconsin has helped grant the wishes of sixty five hundred children and families across the entire state..

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