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You're not going to be winning any super bowls anytime at least you can get a maybe a gold record thirty seven catches lessees you guys are gonna make the playoffs next so much controversy number love it i can't hear you got ring in my head controversy ring in my call some because palmer does not deserve to start in more humane carson wentz yeah yeah don't don't think think carter carter does he tell you that he needs to come out the bench know that he is no way baby did you want to go i know kobe's ly beasley and actually part of the reason why he caught a little flack this week and why this showed up in the news was he said quote i'm a rapper that just happens to play football national that kind of got sort of up a little nuts let me let me say one thing to shack too because it's a memo that i meant to give you the other day the guys who are on and the guys and the young lady who are on the show good morning football you're on the nfl network yeah they love shack and kyle brandt the other day they were doing a thing about rap songs and they were talking about rap kyle brandt went on this shack bibliophile rant about shaq's rap career and i gotta tell you shack you got they on the whole set they all like knew all about your rap career like with no notes they were just shooting back and forth on how your rap and how much they loved your rep so if you ever get asked to do that show you gotta say yes go so it's a good show so it's brad.

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